Important Things You Need To Learn About Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning is a widely adopted alternative to sunbathing. To get a natural sun tan, free from any side effects, it is important to learn about the working of sunless tanning products, and associated risks. This will help you in getting the best results from it.

What do sunless tanning products do?

To save yourself from side effects of harmful UV rays of the sun, sunless tanning products are helpful. These products are called as self-tanners. It offers a sun-kissed look to the skin without exposing it to directly to harmful ultraviolet sun rays. You may find these tanning products in the form of lotions, sprays and creams. You can apply them on the skin or spray-on easily for best results.

What is contained in sun tanning products?

The most effective and active ingredient found in sun tanning products is the color additive. It is also called as dihydroxyacetone. When applied to the skin, this compound reacts with dead cells present on the surface of the skin. This helps in darkening the color of the skin and simulating a tan. The tanned color that you get with these products generally goes post a few days.

Most of the sunless tanning products do not contain sunscreen in them. If a product has sunscreen in it, then it will be only effective for just a few hours. The color imparted by the product that does not contain sunscreen won’t safeguard your skin from ultraviolet rays. If you spend some time in outdoors, then you definitely need to apply sunscreen lotion.

How beneficial are sunless tanning pills?

Sunless tanning pills contain the color additive “canthaxanthin” that isn’t safe. When consumed in large quantities, canthaxanthin can change the skin color to orange/ brown. It can result in building of hives, impaired vision, and liver damage in a person.

What is tanning peptide and how does provide sunless tanning?

Sun less tanning products contain melanotan peptide. It is a kind of peptide that encourages the secretion of melanin inside the body. This gives one a deep and natural tan. Melanin is the natural response of the body to UV damage. It helps in giving a slightly darkened shade to the skin and safeguarding it from any further damage.

Melanotan peptide is designed to boost the tanning response of the body with very less sunlight exposure. This is a wonderful way for people with fair skin to get a tanned look without spending countless hours under the sun. Also, it prevents sunburn and remedies to heal the burn.

What are MT1 and MT2?

MT 1 and MT 2 are two synthetically created versions of an alpha-melanocyte stimulating peptide hormone. This hormone helps the cells of the skin to produce larger quantities of Melanin.

With MT2, people can experience speedy tanning and quicker healing of skin cells that have got damaged. This treatment is highly beneficial to people with pale skin and those who are at higher risk of building skin cancer.

Advantages of using sunless tanning products

Minimal Exposure to UV rays:

MT2 need a little exposure to sunlight in order to be effective. It also requires very less time to build a tan without the peptide.


This method of sun tanning is very flexible. One can start off with a small dose and then increase it continuously till one reaches the desired pigmentation. Once you reach the desired pigmentation you only need to get the dose once in several weeks to maintain the same pigment.

Lasting Tan:

Tans that develops naturally under the sunlight has a tendency to fade soon in just a few days or weeks based on the skin type of the person. In case of sun tanning products, the results last for a quite longer time. Even if you stop the dosage completely, you can still maintain a warm tan that can easily last for few months without any sun exposure.


If you want a sun-killed glow without exposing your skin to the damaging rays of the sun, then sunless tanning products are the best choice. Understanding the working of these products work would help you in learning its importance. The correct and careful application will get you the best results.