How to Prepare for a Moving Day

Before you start moving all your stuff to a new place, you have to think carefully about a few things. Pre-planning is the first and the most important step of any moving process. Especially, if you want to have a stress-free move. So, what does it mean?

You have to plan literally everything – the company you’re going to work with, the boxes you’re going to buy, and the order you’re going to pack. First of all, find a reliable moving company. For example, in the southeastern Ventura City, it can be movers thousand oaks who will ensure you a convenient moving service. After all details are discussed, you can start a deep planning process with checklists and calculations.

Things You Need for a Stress-free Move

  1. Go through each room in your home and decide what stuff you’re going to leave and what you’re going to donate or sell.
  2. Gather all important documents like medical, dental, school, and pet records in one folder.
  3. Change your old address in subscription services and online stores to the new one.
  4. Count how many boxes you need and get them in the near grocery or in the special department in a shopping mall.
  5. When buying the boxes keep in mind that different types of a carton are suitable for different items. For example, a standard carton is good for dinnerware, pots, vases, and glassware items. Pack a box of different layers. The first layer should be a layer of crush. The second layer will be a layer of heavy items. Then go a layer of crush and a layer of lighter items. And one more layer of crush will be at the top of a box. This is the most effective and safe way of packing fragile items like saucepans, cups, vases, etc. Contrary to this, book carton is suitable for books, lampshades, wine bottles, bathroom cabinet contents, etc.
  6. Never use plastic or paper bags for packing. Only carton boxes are effective enough to protect your staff from breaking or scratching.
  7. A week before the move, stop buying groceries, filling your cabinets and refrigerator with packages of food. It will mean there is less to move.
  8. Prepare a bag with essentials for the first few days at a new place. It can include pajamas, clothes, shoes, socks, medications, skincare products, etc.
  9. If you have a pet, consider taking him for a ride at least a week before a moving day. Your animal should be ready to sit in a car for several hours in a row without a stress.
  10. Contact with your movers one more time to check if everything is ready for your moving order.

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