How to Pack Fragile and Heavy Items for a Moving

Moving is obviously a difficult, time-consuming process. But the real disaster begins when you have to pack the most delicate and precious items in your house. Usually, people have no problems when it comes to packing a chair, a couch, or even a washing machine. But those who have a lot of antique or simply any related to art stuff, know how it can be hard to pack it correctly. As the works of art as well as antique vases, clocks, and musical instruments always fall into two categories – fragile and heavy, which can cause a lot of problems during a moving process.

Delicate Things Not to Pack by Yourself

Today, we’re going to learn how to pack fragile stuff using the most common examples of those items, which many people has at home.

But first, let’s talk about items which are not recommended to pack and move by yourself, under no circumstances – these are musical instruments. Musical instruments, in general, are very sensitive and costly items. Moving a piano, a horn, a cello or a viola takes planning, patience, and precision. Literally, it is almost impossible to move them without professional help to avoid any kind of damage. In this case, applying for the help of a moving company, which specializes in moving musical instruments, for example, is nearly obligatory. Never move your musical instrument if you’re not sure that you can take care of it like a pro during a move.

And now let’s move to the other fragile items, you can have problems with on a relocation day.

Delicate Things You Can Pack by Yourself

Let’s look at some popular delicate stuff and the techniques of packing them correctly.

● An antique vase. First of all, an antique vase requires a double boxing. Cover the surface of the vase with a bubble wrap and secure it with a piece of tape. Next, take one more layer of the bubble wrap with larger bubbles and wrap the neck of the vase separately, creating a “scarf”. Then, take another bubble wrap with bigger bubbles and wrap the whole vase around for 3-4 times. Secure everything with a sticky tape. Take a box, place the vase inside, fill the box with the packing peanuts, centering the item in the box. Fill the whole box with the packing peanuts to eliminate any damage.

● A clock. An old, heavy, fragile cabinet clock is another item which is pretty tough to pack and ship. If a clock consists of several parts, separate them before packing. If a clock cannot be separated into parts, then you’ll have to work a little bit harder to pack it correctly. Take a clock, place the face of it on the bubble wrap, and cover it. Secure with a sticky tape. Then take a box and lay it with a bubble wrap inside, place the clock into the box. Make sure that the clock will not move around in the box, to avoid any damage.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to pack fragile items in a better way.