How to Get Bitcoin from Amazon Gift Cards

Just like having cash or a credit card in your wallet, Bitcoin offers you the luxury and convenience of paying for stuff in any part of the world. However, buying Bitcoin for cash is not always a viable option for many. Over the past few years, Bitcoin users are increasing the demand for Amazon purchases, making services like Paxful and Purse gain a lot of traction.

With bitcoin users struggling to find Amazon gift cards to allow them to shop without providing their bank details, a lot of people also want to convert gift cards to Bitcoin. However, getting Bitcoin from your existing cards can prove to be a bit of hassle. Keep reading to know exactly what you hate to do, in order to get convert your existing gift cards into this type of digital currency:

From Amazon cards to Bitcoin

Though Amazon has no plans to make their platform easily available to Bitcoin users, there are a few services that are working hard to make it accessible to consumers. Through these intermediary companies, users can buy stuff from this platform by buying gift cards and also getting other users to pay for their products.

In Europe, companies like All4BTC are allowing customers to get stuff off Amazon and get them delivered to their doorstep. This will cost you a small service fee of about 5 Euros and you are to buy anything you want. Such platforms are also readily available in the US and Bitcoin adopters can enjoy the convenience of using this digital currency to pay for orders.

But how can consumers get Bitcoin from an Amazon gift card?

Although Bitcoin users are always looking for a way to make purchases on Amazon, it’s not easy to exchange your existing cards. It is worth noting that such a system is really hard to come by, but there are a few options that may be worth trying. These options include:

Auction your Amazon card for Bitcoin

Selling your Amazon card is the simplest way to get bitcoin from your existing cards. With sites like Bitify, you can securely use the escrow system to make the exchange. Such services will help you to avoid the risk of being conned and can be used to boost the buyer’s confidence when transacting with you. There are also exchanges that accept an Amazon gift card as payment for bitcoins. However, such exchanges are hard to come by.

Sell your gift card on bitcoin forums

Aside from using auction sites, you can try selling your Amazon cards Reddit or any other bitcoin forum available online. These platforms receive tons of crypto coin enthusiasts daily and you can always find people looking for Amazon gift card in exchange for Bitcoin. However, you should not expect to get the full value of your card’s worth.

Bottom Line:

With people slowly transitioning to digital currency, they are more willing to offer something of value in exchange for them. The transactions can be completed within a matter of minutes, making cryptocurrency to be one of the most convenient methods of payment in the world. There are still third-party companies like Paxful, All4BTC and many others that are willing to get involved at some level.