How To Choose Men’s Innerwear?

A lot of people tend to spend a good amount of money on underwear and still they end up being uncomfortable after wearing them. Many men face this problem as they struggle to buy an innerwear that fits them perfectly.

So, if one is looking for mens innerwear online, then here are some tips that they need to follow while they are buying them. Comfort is the very basic and most important thing to look for. But yes, the comfort of the innerwear actually depends on its climate, size and fabric that has been used to make it.


When one is looking for innerwear, many sizes will be available under each brand because size varies from one person to another. The manufacturer however mostly concentrates on different waist sizes in this case. One has to find out their size before they buy an innerwear. Once they know their right size, it becomes easier for them to select it.


This is a challenging aspect that one has to ponder upon when they are looking for innerwear. Various fabrics are used to make them like cotton, nylon, silk, lycra, spandex and more. Now which can be the right choice for one completely depends on the taste of an individual. Also, it depends on when one is wearing them. According to popular opinion, silk boxers are best for bed and cotton is best if one is wearing them all day long.


It also majorly depends on which climate one lives in that they must choose the fabric of the innerwear. In case of warm and humid climate, it is adviseable to go for cotton innerwear and if one stays under a very cold and harsh climate then woollen blend innerwear can be the best idea. When one is going for a workout, they can wear something made from spandex and in bed it is a good idea to wear silk innerwear.

Different styles of innerwear

One must know the various styles of innerwear available in the market when they are going shopping. Knowing about the styles helps one to pick an innerwear better.


This is a popular choice of style among men because they are very comfortable when it comes to fitting. The traditional briefs have elastic waist bands and full butt coverage. They are available in mid-rise, low-rise and normal waist styles.


They are a bit loose when it comes to fitting. Hence, they are mostly like loosely fitted shorts and they also cover up the parts of upper thighs. They are mostly worn when one is at home or they are doing something laid back. They are not a very good choice when it comes to doing physical activities.

Boxer Briefs

As by the name it is a combination of both and they have a great support and coverage. They can be worn during physical activities.


Men have their thongs too. They are skimpier and not a very usual choice for regular wear though.

One must look for the right comfort when they are buying their innerwear.

Written by Barbara McGee