How to Buy the Right Car Audio in-dash Unit?

It is not necessary to place a car audio system but in-dash units can ensure that everyone enjoys the drive making it an entertaining experience. In fact, many car owners consider it as one of the most important additions to your car.

There are many reasons why a music lover may be searching for a new audio in-dash unit for his car. Some standard units do not contain sufficient features. Other units may not allow to make necessary adjustments. A driver may want an in-built GPS system for better navigation. There are number of aspects associated with it.

Nevertheless, here are some factors you must consider before buying the right car audio in-dash unit:

Audio in-dash measurement

You need to take the measurements properly. Usually all car stereos are 7 inches wide and they come in two regular heights, single DIN and double DIN. They are two inches and four inches high respectively. If the sizes are not compatible then a mounting kit may assist you with installation.

The depth of the unit may vary as well. This requires buyer to take all the requisite measurements before making purchase.


This is a very important factor to take into account. Your new car audio system must be technologically advanced to enhance its functionality and usability. Obviously the rise in quality would increase its price as well. You may be attracted by features like Bluetooth receiver, satellite radio, touch screen operation and much more. GPS is another important feature to consider as well. GPS & autoradio golf 6 is one such example of model containing all requisite features.


Quality speakers are the most essential part of your audio system. These days, speakers are made of modern materials like rubber, polymer composites making them more durable and better in quality than the predecessors. Many people have underestimated the importance of speaker believing the in-dash unit to be only important thing for good sound.

Tuning levels

Setting the right tunings and levels of a car stereo system is as important as other aspects. Simple things like treble and bass can make a lot of difference in the unit’s sound. Excessive triggers in treble and bass should always be avoided. However, these variations will depend on the kind of sound that is been played. Music style you generally prefer will also determine your selection to a high extent.

Auxiliary jacks

Many of today’s car audio system contains an auxiliary jack. These allows for an attachment of an external music player which can be used through stereo’s in-dash display. They may even be operated independent of the in-dash display.


Purchasing is not enough. You need to consider its installation as well. Necessary tools required for installation may vary from system to system and also depending on the car. However basic installation is usually the same.

You need to go over removal of your existing car unit and then head to connecting the new unit. Often manufacturers provide with the relevant tools and manuals to get the new systems installed. You can find great illustrations on the Internet. Just make sure that the new unit is secured properly into the dash or otherwise you will face issues later. Focus on this aspect very carefully.

Here were some factors to consider while buying car audio in-dash unit. Take them into account to get the best option in the market. Player Top: French autoradio can be one platform to access and review good car systems that will offer a number features as well.