Anyone Can Search Your Personal Information

You may not realize it but there is always a chance that someone is searching for you, and when they do they can also get personal information about you if they use a people search engine. More and more people search websites are making people’s information available to the public.

Public records include court records, address, phone number, birth and death certificates and so forth. With Google, you can find people. But with other search engine websites, you can see more personal information.

How To Remove Personal Information

Many find it a bit scary that their personal information so easy is available and it is quite difficult to remove the records and the information there is about you from these search engines. But even if it is difficult, there are ways to remove some personal information. But if you want to remove your official public record and make them unavailable for public access, you have to contact the relevant state or local office to make your request. The best thing you can do is to check with them for removal details.

You can also contact the different people search engines and ask for removal. For example, Search USA People. A typical people search engine. Type in a name on their website and for a smaller fee, you can see a person’s address, criminal records, income, family members, phone numbers, property ownership and more. To remove your information from the site, click “data removal request” and follow the instructions.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to do this on every people search website you can find if you don’t choose to contact the relevant state or local office. Public records are not confidential and they are available for the public to see. You can get help with this from sites like DeleteMe who is specialized in removing all traces of your identity from the internet. It will cost you hundreds of dollars but maybe it’s worth it. As long as you pay these companies a monthly fee you will stay removed. Be patient, to do all this will take time even if you pay for it. It can take several months to be removed completely from the search engines.

Search Engines Are Also Useful For People

There are a lot of people who are looking for old friends or relatives. People who are searching for their heritage and can follow the life of their ancestors throughout history. Family member they never knew they had. Of course, sites like Facebook, Google+, Reddit and other social networking sites are useful for finding people but for genealogy research, you’ll need a good people search engine with genealogy records.

Genealogy records often include documents of people’s birth and death, documents of marriage and divorce, immigration records, property records, newspaper articles, photos and other documents.

How To Delete Yourself Completely From The Internet

If you’ve managed to remove all the public records about you, you’re probably still on the Internet. To remove all your information from the internet is tricky. You’ll have to deactivate all your social network accounts and email accounts. Remove all personal information on all the shopping sites you are registered on. Maybe you work for a company with a website with a picture of you and contact information. How do you tell your employer that you want to be removed? It’s not easy. If you have done a post on some forum you’ll have to contact the webmaster for removal.

Report to Google if there is information about you posted by others on for example blog sites that you would like to be removed from Google’s services under applicable laws. The list of things you’ll have to do to remove yourself completely from the Internet goes on and on. The truth is that you will probably never manage to delete yourself completely from the Internet.


No matter how hard you try, you will probably never manage to be completely removed from the World Wide Web. To get rid of your Internet connection and through your computer and phone away, living on the streets or isolated in the forest isn’t gonna help. There’s still gonna be some information about you on the Internet.