Five Points To Consider Before Repairing Air-conditioners

Globally,  Air-conditioners are the need of the time where the temperature rises above the bearable figure of 25°c. The figure may differ according to the need and comfort. As the units are continuously in use, they are certainly to develop some malfunctioning that needs repair work. Following are the five most important points that ought to be taken into consideration before the start of actual repair work.

1. Compressor’s malfunctioning

When an Air-conditioning unit grows ‘older’ and its compressor starts giving some clicking sound – that is- it goes on/off a bit faster, that means something is wrong with that old buddy. It should be checked with a qualified or, at least, a well-experienced technician as soon as possible as you may need the cleaning of fan and the condenser along with the surrounding area as it gets dusty over time.

2. Smelly changes in duct lines

 An odor that smells musty is the indication of a change and weariness in the ducting lines or the electrical wiring inside as it is getting outdated that needs  Air Conditioning  Repair, cleaning or the renewing of the concerned parts of the Air-conditioner.  This kind of job requires an immediate check by a licensed professional. If remained unchecked or the problem is not resolved the resultant air quality will be very poor disturbing the living atmosphere as well as the complete work stoppage of the unit. 

3. Unusual Noises

Being older (or of not being of good quality) your Air-conditioning unit may start giving some ‘funny’ noises. These noises give the indication that something wrong is going in the cooling process system. It is just like a person who is sick and starts behaving strangely like being unresponsive, not doing assigned work properly, remains uncooperative, etc. Similarly, the rattling and squeaking sound in the unit signals towards the need of repairing work, as early as possible.

4. Drain Line Moisture Collection

Whenever a drain line of an Air-conditioner is choked or plugged over time, moisture starts collecting around the system and that can be a sign of the need of repair work and needs immediate attention as it may cause a refrigerant leak that again points a health risk as well.  Besides to it, Air-filter is needed to be checked at this stage and be cleaned of dirt or changed as it hinders and slows the airflow from the unit. A worn-out filter also hinders the proper cooling as the unit struggles to reach the set temperature.

5. Outdoor Condenser Maintenance

The outdoor unit of the Air-conditioning unit gets dirty earlier than the indoor unit due to certain open-air conditions. If the outdoor unit is kept on ground level, it should be kept away from weeds and other plants that hinders the air ventilation process.  Keeping the condenser clear of little dirt, you can do the ‘homework, through using hose pipe while the deep cleaning should be accomplished by a professional only as the condenser holds the main component, the compressor along with other refrigerant linings of coolant gas. The condenser must always be kept clean of all kind of dirt – even the dried leaves and other unwanted material. It is best advised the get the inner and the outdoor parts of the Air-conditioning unit “serviced” at least once a year that may delay the overcharged cost of electricity.