Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Cat Litter

Cats become a part of your family, and they require the same attention as a newborn baby. One question that often does the rounds among cat owners is what the ideal cat litter should be. The objective is to prevent bathroom accidents and keep your kitty safe and healthy. But there is no one-size-fits-all litter for cats. Different cats react to different litters, and that’s where the confusion stems from. So, here are the three types of cat litters you should consider:

Clay Litter

Years ago, cat owners used sand as the primary litter, but that was since replaced with clay litter. Clay can neutralize odors and is highly absorbent. Traditional clay litter is readily available and affordable. Cats love the softness of the clay pellets because they find it similar to mud in the garden. You can also go for scoopable clay because of its convenience. Any veterinarian highly recommends this cat litter to first-time cat owners. The solid clumps of scoopable clay litter are easy to lift from the litter box. All you need to do is scoop the poop and leave the clean box behind.

Silica gel or crystals

If you don’t want the litter to create dust around the house or near the kitty’s kennel, then silica gel is a great option. This litter is antibacterial, and it even prevents mold from growing around your cat’s poop. The crystals forming this litter absorb 40-times their weight in liquid form. So, you may have to clean the litter box after your cat dumps twice or thrice in it. But, this litter is more expensive than traditional or scoopable clay.

Novelty litter

Over the years, there has been a massive demand for organic, biodegradable, and earth-friendly litter. If you prefer litters that can be flushed down the toilet, then you can choose from the wide variety of recycled paper, grass seed, corn, coconut, wood pellets, and pine as better alternatives to silica gel and clay. These are free from additives and harsh chemicals, but the price is also higher than the other two variants mentioned above.

If you want to find the best litter for your cat, try all the above at least once and notice the difference in your cat’s reaction.

Ideal features of a good cat litter

If you think from the cat’s perspective, you’ll understand what the best litter should be. But if you want to buy litters according to their features, then here are a few you should consider:

Odor control – just like you hate the odor of cat poop, your cats don’t like the smell either. The litter you select should offer full odor control to keep the home free from the pungent odor.

Low dust – both you and your cat’s health matters, and that’s why a litter that creates less mess should be your choice. That’s why clay litters are so popular.

Pocket-friendlycat litters are quite expensive these days. Along with the above two features, it should also be affordable.

So, the next time you go to a kitty store, don’t forget the points mentioned in the guide to select the best litter for your cat.