What to do before selling your old laptop?

Laptops are upgrading all the time. Every now and then we come across the new model which tends to be better than the previous model in many aspects. This requires us to upgrade to the newer technology.

However, there are many individuals who sell their laptops just right away. There are several things to take into account and do certain things once you have decided to sell laptop. Here are some of them listed:

Create a backup

Rather than just passing personal information to a stranger, it is imperative to delete all of it from the device. However, for your own convenience, it is better to create a backup. Make copies of the personal files and information to ensure you have access to them once the laptop has been sold. You can consult an IT specialist who can ensure each and every thing from the laptop has been backed up.

Gather information about laptop

You don’t want to look uninformed in front of the purchaser. This may create doubts in mind of the potential purchaser. When the laptop has been listed for online sale, specific details of the features might be required by many purchasers. Make sure all the important information has been gathered. From brand details to the exact model number, each and everything must be known. Find answers to all the prospective questions.

Software must be deauthorized

Anti-piracy campaigns are gaining more attention in the world. Software producers are more concerned about the fact that each and every consumer must pay for the services they use. This means you need to deactivate any programs and the license must be transferred to the new laptop. This will ensure that nothing illegal is done as well. Make a list of programs and go through all software you want to shift to the new machine which will be purchased.

Install the OS

Before selling of the old laptop, it has to be resumed to its original factor state. Each and every laptop is run on an operating system. A backup disc is always given with the operating system. This can be used to reinstall the operating system again. In case you don’t have access to the disc, it can be downloaded from the official website of the operating system you are using.

Make it in the right order

This is the most important aspect of all. Before you sell the laptop, it is essential to make it shine in order to get a good price of it. You need to make it look good from the outside as well. A well-maintained computer will be sold off at a better price. Use a soft cloth to get rid of all the dust. Polish can be applied as well if you want to. Cleaning the laptop will increase its aesthetic appeal.

If you want to ensure that you get a good price for the laptop, here are some things to do before selling it.