6 Effective Methods Of Lead Generation

As a business leader, you have a picture of your ideal client in mind. As a proprietor of an exclusive pre-school, you’ll have your eye on the busy, career mum of three who values outstanding achievement. As a recreational vehicle retailer, you have in mind a retired business executive who wants to travel with all the comforts of home. Marketers call the overachiever career mum and the retired business executive leads. Other leads can come from people who show interest in your products and services. They’re often categorised as qualified leads if they have continued interaction with your sales team. Leads directly impact your company’s projected sales and growth. By using effective lead generation tactics and innovative marketing automation tools, you can position your company to capture more sales opportunities for greater future growth. Just as each company has a different ideal customer, every business has its own formula for capturing leads. Read this blog post for six of the top lead generation methods that are used by today’s businesses.

#1 Website Optimisation

For people or companies to show an interest in your specific offerings, they must find you first. The best way to make your company visible to prospective leads is to optimise your website for a high search engine rank. You need to invest in professional search engine optimisation services that support search-friendly website design, effective keyword selection, and the elimination of slow-loading websites.

#2 Content Marketing

In addition to making your website more attractive to search engines, quality content gives website visitors value. When using content marketing as a lead generation method, you’ll need to know that online information is abundant and the average reader’s attention span is short. Generating how-to videos and short multimedia tutorials are two ways to present your content to readers as fresh, relevant, and easy to absorb.

#3 Landing Pages

A website visitor loves your company’s offerings and its mission. Why didn’t she subscribe to your newsletter, leave a comment on your blog, or give you a call for a service quote? The visitor didn’t do any of these things because you didn’t direct her to do them when she arrived on your landing page. The fix is to create a clear call to action on your landing page that requests the reader to act.

#4 Referral Programs

If you’ve noticed anything about social media’s impact on consumer behavior, you’ve learned that people trust their network of friends. Proclaiming the benefits of your company’s offerings is an important part of your marketing strategy, but nothing sells goods and services like an endorsement from a trusted family member, friend, or colleague. A smart company establishes a referral program that rewards loyal customers for their endorsements.

#5 Social Media

Implementing a loyalty program is a great way to keep up long-term relationships with your most valued customers, but referral programs aren’t the only ways that marketers connect with existing customers and prospects for lead generation. Regularly posting to social media platforms attracts new leads and helps to create brand loyalty with existing customers.

#6 Word of Mouth

Like endorsements from friends, word-of-mouth marketing is an old and effective way to generate leads. Take control of your lead generation efforts by crafting a word-of-mouth marketing campaign that gets customers to try your products or services and tell about their experiences in authentic ways.


In many cases, improved lead generation initiatives equate to increased profits. The market’s most innovative companies tested these six lead generation methods for success. By implementing these lead generation activities, you give your business the best chance to thrive even in a sluggish economy.