Used Car Buying Guide: Do’s and Don’ts When Buying a Used Car

A car is an investment that involves a large sum of money and should not be bought on an impulse. There are certain things that should be carefully analyzed and considered before such a large part of your savings is spent behind a vehicle. The two largest benefits that come out of an informed decision like this is that you get good value for your hard earned money and it also has an effect on the longevity of the vehicle.

Below mentioned are a list of the few do’s and don’ts that one should consider before buying a used car.

Things that you should do when buying a used car are:

The type of car that you require should be considered and assessed

There are different cars in the market that serve different purpose. What you need to assess is your budget, the need of your family and the purpose the car is built for.

Get an idea of the market value and the average selling price

There are various sources on the internet to help you determine the market value and average selling price of a certain model or brand of a car. This helps you negotiate better and ensure that you do not end up paying a higher price.

This of course depends on where you are living. Let’s take a 2015 MBZ CLA 250 as a random example.

If you are looking at US car sellers then you’ll get an average price of around $20k. The end price would differ depending on your State’s taxes and fees.

Buying the same used car in Dubai would cost you around $16k with no significant fees. You wouldn’t pay more for the same used car in the UAE but around twice as much in the neighboring Saudi Arabia.

And amazingly in Germany the same car can cost at least 60% more. As you see the market value is very different depending on where you live.

Check different dealerships that sell the same brand

Often the same brand does not cost the same everywhere. Different dealers have different prices for the same car. The price will not differ much but it is always better to ask around and see what is on offer before you make the purchase. Do not close the deal with the first offer that you get. Make sure you always have your options open when buying used cars in Dubai.

Buy cars that are certified, pre-owned vehicles

Cars lose their value quickly and this starts from the first drive itself. A car that might be in great shape still might be low on depreciation. It is always better to ask all these questions about mileage and other doubts before finalizing the car you want to buy.

Things that you should not do when buying a used car are:

Do not be lazy on your research

You might have got by school without doing your homework, but this is one that you must not skip. Research is not a glamorous job and might not look like a lot of fun but it definitely the most important step in the buying process. Talk to people, read reviews, watch video and test drive cars if you must.

Do not let the price of the car be the only deciding factor

The price of the car is definitely an important factor in the buying process but it should not dominate the others. For something like a car, quality should not be compromised upon. This will end up costing you more in the long run. Make sure the car undergoes a thorough inspection so that it can sustain you in the long run.

Do not get impatient and try to hurry up the process

The entire process of buying a used car can prove to be lengthy and tedious. People often get impatient and make a purchase without doing their entire research. This can prove to be costly in the longer scheme of things. Make sure you are patient through the process and do not settle on anything less than what is best for you.

Money does not come easy so make sure you do your complete research. A car is a possession of pride and is extremely useful when taken care of properly. Make sure that enough time is spent on the entire process. Once you have bought it, do not forget to take the entire family for a long drive! The process of choosing a car is one that takes time. It is always advisable to come with your own set of knowledge so that nobody takes you for a ride, literally!