Choose the Right Otterbox Case For Your Smartphone

Once you have spent hundreds of dollars on a new smartphone or tablet, then why not spend just a little more to ensure its safety? Even though smartphones are getting tougher with the progression of time, they are not immune to potential damages. It is highly advisable to purchase tough Otterbox cases to protect it from getting scratched or broken.

Given the wide options available in the market, it has become difficult to get the right Otterbox case for your smartphone. Here are some questions you must answer before making the purchase:

  • Does your daily routine involve a lot of work outside or do you enjoy rugged adventures?
  • Is your phone prone to accidents?
  • Is your phone carried in the pocket or holstered to the belt?
  • Do you prefer style over protection?

Answering these questions would help you purchase the right product. Here are different series of Otterbox cases that one can choose from:

Defender Series

This series offer top-of-the line protection. Defender series focuses mainly on protection of the smartphone. It comes with three layers of protection: an inner layer of polycarbonate, outer layer of silicone and a sturdy swiveling belt clip holster.

It features a built-in protector that secures the phone against scratches and the port keeps the dust and debris out. It is an ideal case when the user is exploring outdoors.

It is an ideal product for users who wants an absolute protection outside or you are worried about bumping, dropping or sitting on your phone.

Commuter Series

Even though this series do not feature a holster, it provides robust protection against life mishaps and even offers a more slim and slender look that creates an attractive appearance.

It has a silicone interior and a polycarbonate exterior guarding against bumps, drops and shocks. It also comes with a self-cohesive display protector to avoid scratches and the port keeps all the debris and dust out of it.

The case is made slimmer in order to carry it easily or sliding it in or out of the pocket with no difficulties. It is an ideal product for people who want a sturdy protection but do not need a holster.

Symmetry series

Symmetry Series is the perfect combination of protection and appearance. It is for all those who wants ultimate security along with their phone appearing fashionable. This slim and slender one-piece design can endure drops and also comes with edges to keep the touchscreen as safe as possible. It is one of the most pocket-friendly products available in the market right now.

It comes in different bright and stylish colors and designs. You can easily find a case that fits your personality.

The bottom line

Here were different type of Otterbox cases that are available in the market. Each case is tailored to a specific tablet or smartphone. Users can make selection on the basis of their preferences and needs. Each series are available in a wide range of color schemes.