5 Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online

With the growth of e-commerce sites in the recent times, almost everyone you know prefers to shop online. You can get everything on a single window and there are no limits to what you can shop because of the diverse variety of options now available on online shopping portals. From pet food to groceries, almost everything is now available online for your convenience.

Online shopping is easier and many times is the only way you can get the products you need. The things you need might not be available in your nearest store or sometimes even in your country but by shopping online, you can easily ship the things you want to your doorstep. Online shopping has bridged the gap between international markets too and you can now very conveniently shop for everything you need. One of the major concern that most shoppers have is managing their finances because let’s face it—shopping can be addictive! You might be spending too much and struggling to find the right balance. Therefore to help you out, we have listed down five ways that will help you save money while shopping online.

1. Clear Your Browser’s History

Many online merchants use a strategy called dynamic pricing. This basically means that the price you are seeing for a product will be different for different consumers. This variation is decided based on your browsing history and sometimes even your location. They calculate your spending patterns via the information they receive through your computer’s history and this helps them determine the price for you. If you tend to shop more, you will be shown a higher price than a person who comparatively spends less time online.

One great example of this is when you continuously check air tickets online. Have you ever noticed how the price goes higher when you open the same page the next day? This is dynamic pricing. One way to prevent this is to use the incognito mode while shopping online and clear all your cookies.

2. Use Coupons

Coupons are a great way to save money if you extensively shop online. They will help you get discounts to some of the most well known brands in the world. You just have to determine the correct strategy to use them to get the maximum output. For example if you have multiple coupons and you want to use them on a single purchase then you should know the order to apply them. If you have a 50% discount coupon and a 10 dollars additional discount coupon then apply the 50% first. This will help you save more money than doing it vice a versa.

3. Compare Before You Shop

It helps to see if multiple online shopping portals are offering the same price for the same product or some of them are giving attractive discounts. Comparing different online sites is a must if you want to save some extra bucks because sometimes the same product is available on a portal that you may not frequent for a much more attractive price. So don’t forget to compare!

4. Choose the Right Day to Shop

Weekdays are a much better time to shop as compared to weekends. Most online retailers bring out attractive deals and discounts on working days than on a regular weekend. Holidays and festivals are another great time to shop as you will get the most discounts and better deals on these days. This is especially true for Christmas and thanksgiving. If you are going to buy an air ticket then choose Sundays for the best deals.

5. Leave Some Things in Your Cart

You should always leave some things in your cart while shopping online as there is a chance the product you want might have a discount the next day. Therefore to be on the safe side, try to leave some things in the cart itself instead of checking out everything.

These were some ways to save some valuable amount of money while shopping online and we hope you use them.