5 Tips for Choosing the Best Custom Canopy

Ask anyone who’s used one: custom canopies are fun. Least of all because of the designing process. Whether you’re working with an experienced canopy designer or coming up with creative images and logos yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping around. This is especially important if you’re bulk buying a set number of canopies at once. Here are 5 things you should know when you’re picking the custom canopy that’s right for your needs.

1. Location Size

First, find out how large the event is. Next, figure out how many people are expected to show up. The size of your custom pop up tent determines the amount of people who will “mingle” near you. For example, a larger tent will fit a football team while a smaller tent will be useful for individuals who are casually window shopping. Whether it’s a 10’x10′ canopy or a 10’x20′, or you need one ranging from 200-300 sq. feet, there are many sizes that fit your needs. Canopies serve a variety of functions, and bigger is not always better. You may even end up paying for more than you need; always consider the scope of the event.

2. Use

Before buying a customised canopy tent, which can vary in price, be sure you know for certain the purpose of them. Canopies can used for a variety of events, from meetings and business to trade shows. Even so, each customisation option will be more practical as it relates to the event you’ll be setting your canopy in.

3. Traveling

Carrying canopy packages by hand is not advisable. That’s why it’s worth purchasing specific roller bags and carry bags – especially if your canopy is larger than 10’x10’. However, canopy tents that weigh less than 40 pounds can usually be stored into the trunks of most modern vehicles.

4. Different Canopy Types

Now that we’ve determined the size of the event, the frame material, the design and what the canopy will be used for, it’s time to select the canopy type. Depending on your custom canopy, there are a wide variety of printed canopies you can choose from. There are canopies which are suitable for the parties to the ones perfect for the beaches. There are also marquees, sailcloth tents, high peak tents, etc.

5. Consider the Weight

Lightweight canopies make it easier for people to assemble and take apart. This convenience comes with a drawback. Because of their light weight, they’re susceptible to unpredictable weather such as heavy winds and unstoppable showers that rain like cats and dogs. This might make you opt for frames with more durable materials – which comes with a price: heavier weight that may make it harder to carry.


Corporate events, galas, trade houses and business show events are rapidly becoming more popular each year. Increasing brand awareness and gaining the interest of customers is also becoming more important to savvy business owners who have an iota of marketing savvy. Come rain or shine, the canopy tent you choose is worth every invested dollar in these instances, as they allow you to protect guests and furniture from the elements. All while performing the double duty of marketing your business. Remember, different canopies come in different prices and should never be purchased if they are out of your budget.