5 Simple Maintenance Tips For Your Camera

Guess, who accompanies you to every party, every event and every travel expedition you undertake?

Well, it is nothing else but your Camera, which captures all your memories and comes with the best motorized slider for time-lapse.

It actually stays up with you, moves with you and shares all the memories with you. In that case, what do you think it deserves?

Well, it certainly deserves a bit of your time and effort to keep it safe and its working smooth.

No matter, if it’s a normal digital camera or a DSLR, you have spent quite a good deal on it and you obviously expect to go a long journey with it. So, let us look up these few tips which will help you extend the life of your camera:

1. Guard It from Humidity

You know what is the greatest enemy of your Camera?

It is humidity….!!

Humidity is that one stroke that could hit the sensor of your camera really bad and hard. What it does is, it affects the imaging sensor of your SLR due to which the camera loses its focus to capture.

So, here you need to know what weather conditions are good for your camera’s health.

You should always keep your camera safe in a camera bag or a padded pouch to keep it away from humidity. To be more cautious, keep it in a cool, dry place for extra care.

2. A Little Extra Care for The Lenses

So, when you buy a camera you need to make a promise to yourself, that you are going to keep it totally covered and safe while it is not put to any use and the way of doing that is to cover the lenses (front and Back) to keep them away from any prone to scratches or breach.

Always, make sure you have the cleaning kit for your camera which includes spray, wipes and stuff.

Also, you can use sensor loupe to detect the unclean spots on the camera and clean them up. Use microfiber, soft, silk or satin cloth to remove away the debris. Well, if you are a bit liberal with your spending then you can also take the camera to a professional cleaner once in a while.

If you’re looking to buy a new lens, then you should conduct some research online into what are the best lenses for top camera brands such as Nikon, Fuji, Sony and Canon. There are plenty of reviews and guides on popular photography sites such as Shotkit.com that will offer you comprehensive advice on what’s the best for your money.

3. Blow the Dirt Off

When your camera has been out with you for quite an expedition in dirt, dust, mud and sun then it certainly deserves some pampering before the clicks.

The camera lens gets stuck with dust and debris when it is exposed to the outside world. Obviously, you want to capture pictures then, so before you do that clean your camera lenses with a blower every other time.

Use the blower to remove the dust, to blow the grooves of the lens before you go for the perfect click.

4. Choose the Right Camera Bag

Well, we choose our clothes according to the destination you are travelling to. Likewise, our camera needs similar attention when it come to the carrying bags.

Every expedition or tour you take your camera for, would have its own challenges. So, you need to choose the apt camera bag for those situations.

Like, choose a strong and robust multi-compartment bag for a long journey, a properly padded water proof bag to beaches, if it is a normal hike you can have a backpack bought to carry the camera.

If you are going to a store for this shopping, make sure you are carrying the camera along to be sure that it slips easily into the bag. If you are going online then measure the dimensions precisely.

5. Charge Your Camera Well

I obviously know that……!!

I know you might be reacting the same right now. You know that the batteries need to be charged if you want to use the camera. While in actual it means more than that. If you use your camera with a low battery it is more likely to cause it to break down. Also, it has been found that alkaline batteries can cause collision in the camera so you need to keep it charged always.

Even if you have not been using the camera for months, take it out for a fresh breath, charge it and then put it back in safe.