7 Reasons Why Videos Are a Powerful Marketing Tool

Change is the only constant – this quote is not for a specific field, it is suitable for each and every field we come across and technology has not been left behind. The ways of promoting and marketing content have changed drastically within a short period, thanks mostly to the tricks implemented by the companies to make unfair use of the tools. With every passing second, internet giants are trying their best to make digital marketing a fair and open field where all the advertisers can put up their challenges openly.

Content and blogging was considered as one of the primary ways to market the products digitally, as they were the most valuable assets of digital marketing. They still are valuable assets, but videos have sneaked through between them and made a place for themselves in content and blogs. Video has become a very powerful tool for digital marketing, with users across the globe preferring the textual content which is accompanied with videos. Let us have a look at some of the reasons why videos have emerged as a powerful marketing tool.

1. Source of Boost in Conversion Rates and Sales

One of the most important thing which matters in digital marketing is conversion rate and sales and some of the statistical studies suggest that videos play an important role in boosting of the conversion rates and sales. Embedding a video related to the product on your promotion page increases the rate of conversion by whooping 80%, which is a number worth grabbing attention. This is one of the many statistics which highlight the importance of videos in marketing in current times.

Apart from this, another statistics related to video which might astonish is that attaching an explainer video has led to 74% more sales in comparison to the products where there have not been explainer videos. The numbers do not lie, especially in this gave, giving a very fair idea of what adding an explainer video can do to the percentage of your conversions. So, next time you are writing a blog and looking for ways to make it more popular, keep in mind to add videos.

2. Great Return of Investment

What would you want after investing quintals of money in something? You will want to make tons of money from that investment and videos are not going to let you down in this respect. The amount of money that you invest is going to return in multiples, in terms of great conversions and boost in sales. According to a study, 83% companies say that embedding videos in their content has resulted in great return of investment. So, use Showbox to enhance your product features by embedding product related videos as often as possible.

3. Sign of Trust Among Visitors

The introduction of digital marketing has resulted in many boons as well and one of the biggest boons of digital marketing is presence of fake content, which makes it difficult even for the genuine advertisers to win the trust of the users. However, video is acting as a filter here, separating most of the genuine content from the fake ones. As a result of the customer belief, the conversions and sales are expected to increase many times.

4. Good for SEO And Higher Page Rankings

Google has started rewarding websites which embed videos along with their content, as they are being ranked higher in comparison to the ones where there are no videos. Search traffic is still an important source of traffic and visitors for any website and the fact that Google is rewarding videos is a welcome change. Some of the studies suggest your chances of being ranked higher increases 53 times as a result of addition of just one video.

5. Boosts the Chances of Being Shared on Social Media

Videos increase your chances being shared on social media many more times, mostly because people are attracted towards videos. In case the videos on your website are funny, the chance of being shared is even higher!

6. Accepted Universally by The Mobile Users

Mobile is where the future lies and videos are being approved by the mobile users at an unexpected rate. Mobile is important for digital marketing, so add videos to boost your mobile conversions.

7. Visually Appealing to Users Not Willing to Read

There are many users who are not very eager to read your content, but hey, provide them with a video and they are ready to watch it. In this way, your chance of reaching lazy users increases.

These are some reasons which are enough to convince that videos are the future of digital marketing.