5 Most Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them

iPhones are great and there are times when they come up with random problems and it becomes difficult to find out how to fix those issues.

Below given are some of the most common iPhone problems and possible fixes for them:

1- iPhone Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

iOS device not connecting to Wi-Fi is a major problem with iPhone. But, nothing to worry if facing such issues you can fix it by following some steps:

Turn off your Wi-Fi and then again turn it back on. If your phone Bluetooth is enabled, turn it off.

If it still didn’t work then you can restart your iOS device again. Simply by going to the settings try to reset the settings of your network. This will reset your Wi-Fi network and passwords.

2- Apps Crashing

Do your iPhone apps keep crashing all the time? Facing difficulty in using them? Sometimes whenever browsing a new app suddenly your phone blinks back to the home menu.

In order to fix all these problems:

Simply double press the home button in order to bring up the app manager and try to open it again and if still not works then make sure that your apps are up to the date.

After updating your apps if you still face any crashes then check whether you have the recent update installed. In order to identify go to General, then settings and finally software update in order to ensure that your iPhone is running the most recent software.

3- iPhone Cannot Update

Sometimes your iPhone won’t be able to update apps even if your internet connection is working well. In that case, it is recommended that you use recovery mode in order to restore your device.

Connect your device to a computer and start a forced restart. Until the recovery mode appears, hold the sleep and home button. Next, you will get an option to update, select it and once the update gets completed you can set up your device.

You can try these solutions also:

  • Set date and time to automatically.
  • Turn your airplane mode off then on.
  • Sign out of Apps store then again sign it back.

4- Frozen Screen

Sometimes because of a bug in an application or game the screen of iPhone gets frozen and the smartphone gets totally blocked.

In order to fix it:

Press the standby button which you see on the upper side of the mobile. And if it didn’t work then restart it. For doing this press and long hold the sleep and home button at the same time till you see the logo of Apple on your screen.

Sometimes your screen may turn black, the reason for this problem is a software crash which you can easily fix with a force restart.

5- iPhone Camera Doesn’t Work

Sometimes your iPhone camera starts showing a black screen instead of the image you want to capture, in that case, the solution is to switch front and rear camera in quick succession.

If the problem still continues simply quit the camera app from App Switcher and restart the app in order to identify whether the issue is resolved or not.

The reason that your iPhone camera is not working is because you have the restrictions off which just implies that your camera cannot be accessed.

In order to make it work, go to settings » general » restrictions and ensure the “allow camera” option is turned on. It is moreover a smart idea to tap “disable restrictions.” If this still not works, reset or restart your device. Else, the most solid option is to contact iPhone Repair services or take the device to the nearest Apple store.

6- Quick Battery Drain

The battery of your iPhone is not performing great? Is it depleting too quick? The accompanying tricks may help you:

A – Stop Pointless Applications: Go to Settings > Battery. In case you discover applications on this screen are spending more battery than they should be close by tapping Force stop.

B – Replace Your Old Battery with a New One: If your battery is a couple of years old then try replacing it with a new battery.

C – Replace Your Charger with a New One: Check whether your charging panel works with another phone, or on the other hand whether your telephone works with another connection. In case your charger ends up being defective, get a new charger for your iPhone.

Avoid setting any kind of dynamic backgrounds. Remember to keep the location settings and services off when not in use.

Check push notifications for applications and turn off the component for applications that you don’t use. In the event that you feel like your phone turns physically warm, at that point you should reboot your iPhone quickly.

7- Siri Doesn’t Work

Siri works well on iPhone but sometimes it stops working. Most importantly it is recommended to clean the microphone on the bottom of the device.

Check the following if Siri is not working on your iPhone:

Ensure that your iPhone has an active internet connection.

Siri is enabled in settings.

You are speaking clearly in a language that Siri recognizes.

You can also fix Siri Problems by Toggling Siri Off & On Again. In order to do that:

  • Open the settings on your iPhone and go to Siri.
  • Turn off the setting by hitting the toggle switch.
  • Tap turn off Siri in order to confirm that you want to turn Siri off.
  • Wait for few moments then toggle the Siri switch back ON in order to re-enable Siri.

If your iPhone is facing any of the above problem then you can easily solved by following these simple steps.