5 best apps to earn money

Making enough money in a short span of time could seem like a life challenge. But today I will tell you some easy ways of making your money grow. And the best part, you don’t have to spend a lot on it. Interested? Let’s take a look.

Well, one word will tell you everything- Internet. Yes, now earning quick money is as simple as sitting at home. All you need is to use the internet and these websites that I am about to tell you.

With the evaluation of Smartphone, a lot of new applications have come up which can help you make additional money without having to spend much effort for it.

• Bitwalking

Ever imagined making money by keeping fit? Yes, this app gives you pay to stay fit. And believe me, it works, and people have already benefited from it both regarding funds and good health.

If you love walking a lot or your work requires you to do so, then you can use the app to get some real dollars for steps you walk. For every 10000 steps, one BW$ is given out. To redeem the amount you need to make use of their store.

The application is although in the beta state right now but is still getting lots of downloads because of its ease of use and concept.

• Pact

This application is for those that plan to stay healthy. It is a social network app with members who have undertaken a self-goal to remain fit. Users are required to update and upload their daily routine. If you achieve your regular target, you will be given an award.

The award comes from other members who did not meet their targets. This application focuses more on your health than on the money you generate however you can earn as much as 150$ a year by using it daily.

• Google opinion rewards

Google opinion rewards app is a simple application that gives you credit for providing your opinion. After regular intervals, a new survey is given to the user. For your answers, you are paid a specific amount which gets added to your Google play balance. You can then use it to watch movies or play games. The fact that it comes from Google itself is the prime reason for its popularity.

• Foap

Foap is a perfect application for people who love photography. You are paid for your photographs that you upload in the community. The photos need to be creative and of a suitable quality. The best part of the application is its interface which is very simple and easy for beginners or creative people with little or no professional background.

You can upload photos to the app from your phone directly or even through other applications such as Instagram and Twitter. It is needless to say that the images should be free from any copyright issues and original. Once the photos are sold in the market, you get a respectable amount.

• MiPic

MiPic is yet another photography application however it gives you a lot more options to sell and get some good money. The photographs that you upload on MiPic can be printed on various other products and sold directly on the market. You get a right amount for your pictures once they are purchased by the user. The customer support of the application is also excellent, and the money transfer process is swift.

You can find various money making apps which you can download and use easily however not all app available in the marketplace are reliable.

Updates to all money making applications are often launched on the application market, and users should look for the latest versions to get better security and performance. Make sure that you keep looking for the best applications on a regular basis to make some real quick money.