With recruitment companies like Haida HR, China is emerging as an employment hub for foreign teachers

A nation cannot progress without skilled and educated workforce. Haida HR, a Hangzhou-based recruitment company, realized the importance of having an accomplished workforce early in the piece, and combined innovation with sustainability to create numerous opportunities.

The company started recruiting foreign teachers to bring new ideas to the fore. These teachers have played a major role and ushered in a change for the better future of the students. Not only students, but also the teachers have benefitted from Haida HR’s program. They are gaining international experience and exploring a beautiful part of the world, while earning a handsome package.

The Chinese government, who has also taken a number of steps in this direction, has been receiving a good support from such recruitment companies. China has been attracting overseas talent to make the youth strong enough to face the challenging situations. Today, the future of a nation lies in accepting the changing endeavors as quickly as possible. A nation cannot survive without striving for development.

In a bid to strengthen the workforce of the country and attract foreign talent, the Chinese authorities also conducted a recruitment fair in the month of December 2017, where 10,000 jobs were offered to foreign people. They are realizing the importance of upgrading, as a number of leaders have encouraged and backed the recruitment drives to attract foreign talent for better results.

But it is not possible for them to accomplish the task without the support of leading recruitment companies like Haida HR. Having dispatched over 2,000 foreign teachers, the company recognizes the benefits of recruitment drives. In the last 20 years, more than 50,000 students have benefitted from Haida. The company has also been laying emphasis on sports, especially football. They have been backing the government’s decision to try and make China a successful football team by 2050.

The national team is currently standing at 88th position in the World FiFA rankings, which has not been a pleasing sight for the authorities, who have now decided to hire foreign coaches to make the initiative successful. The government has unveiled an aspiring scheme of involving 50 million children and adults in football by the end of the decade.

This is where Haida HR’s football program has played a big part. The company is recruiting certified football instructors, who are providing a platform and conceptual understanding of the sport to the young football enthusiasts.

It is very important for the administrators to make sure that the young students are well-versed with English language to benefit from foreign teachers and coaches. It is the need of the hour to encourage recruitment companies like Haida HR who are working on both aspects. They are making the workforce of China more potent and competitive. On one hand, the Chinese students are benefiting from the recruitment drives. On the other hand, China is emerging as an employment hub for teachers, who are living a life of their dreams.

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