Why You Need Military Kit Insurance

Trinity Insurance is a UK specialist insurance company whose products cater specifically to the Armed Forces fraternity; to indemnify military personnel and their families, and their equipment and kit. Military kit insurance is very important and necessary for military personnel using them against damage and loss.

Why you need your kit insured

Damage or loss to your kit is very easy especially when you are busy with duty. If you are not insured, you could easily lose a lot of money replacing damaged or lost kit. This cover will protect your military issued body armour and boots, combat clothing, personal load carrying equipment, personal role radio, weaponry, helmet etc.

What are the benefits of this cover?

You will get simple and reliable solutions to protect your military equipment, personal possessions and any home or room contents wherever they are. Equipping the military is not a cheap affair, thus the need to protect them against any unforeseeable damage as an army is only as good as the availability of its kit and equipment. Our military kit insurance protects your kit, personal possessions and home contents, wherever you are in the world, leaving you to concentrate on your work and duty.

High quality service and transparency

Our team of highly qualified and experienced staff offer very high quality service. We run our business on the foundations of the time honoured military values of service, loyalty, integrity and trust. We do not have any hidden charges in transactions and we will not force you with a product you do not need.

Wide reach and partnerships

We are currently offering this cover in military bases across the UK, in Cyprus and in Germany; this wide reach makes us more accessible to offer you great insurance packages. In addition to being available in the many bases in these countries, we are collaborating with a range of businesses to give the best products, services, prices and benefits wherever we are.

Support on base

We have teams of the most experienced staff available to attend to our customers in all the bases where we have a presence. You will get one-on-one advice on the insurance cover; your questions will be answered in real time.

Affordability and peace of mind

The affordable indemnity for military kit that we offer will give you peace of mind and save you money. We protect your military equipment, personal possessions and any home or room contents, wherever you are in the world.

An easy change of policy and claims process

At Trinity, when the time comes for a claim to be processed and settled, we have made the process very easy and fast so that it does not become another headache for you. If you want to change your policy, there will be no charges for the new documentation required and there will be no charge at all for cancelling your policy.