Why you must switch to an Instagram Business Account?

With rising importance of social media platforms when it comes to marketing, endorsing products and services for the businesses, Instagram has rolled out a new feature particularly for major business houses, upcoming start-ups and other influencers. This is a new account type known as the Instagram Business Account, which has many unique features particularly required for businesses such as data analysis, reach frequency updates, etc.

The reason behind this sudden acceptance of Instagram as a medium of marketing is the gigantic presence of individuals on the platform and their activity and engagement with the platform. With this new type of Instagram Business Account, any business house can promote more of their content on the platform and can learn how the venture is functioning in the social media platform. However, it is important to have likes on any Instagram Business Account, as it increases the reach of your content and you can check Famoid’s Instagram likes packages here.

How can you switch your normal account to an Instagram Business Account?

Instagram has made this feature a whole lot simpler. Thus, anyone can make use of this feature and have an Instagram Business Account with the snap of the fingers. There are two ways by which you can use an Instagram Business Account:

  • Converting your existing account into an Instagram Business Account.
  • Setting up a new Instagram Business Account.

The different steps that are involved in setting up a successful Instagram Business account are:

  • You will have to go to Settings on your Instagram Profile.
  • You will find two options, with the help of which you can work on setting up the Instagram Business Account. They are “Switch to Business Account” or “Sign up for a Business Profile”. Clicking on any of these will guide you through the steps through which you can set up the Instagram Business Account.
  • After filling in the details of your business, you will get an introduction on how effectively and proficiently, you can use this new Instagram Business Account.
  • Next, you may possess a Facebook Business Page and profile. You can link this to your Instagram Business Account, as when you update the content in any of the business profiles, it will automatically get synced to both of your business profiles, thus enabling greater reach of content, harmony between the two social media platforms, better use of Facebook and Instagram as a marketing media, and last but not the least, better analysis of both your profiles, etc.
  • When you are done setting up your Instagram Business Account, you can have better Call to Action buttons on your profile, which will enable you to use the Instagram Business Account to drive your potential customers to any desired place, where you want them to go.

What are the benefits of setting up an Instagram Business Account?

  • Access to the Analysis Tools: As Instagram has a majority of business houses promoting their offerings on the platform, it has developed certain tools with which you can track the activities of your Instagram Business Account. The Insights tool enables you to view useful data, which is vital to the kind of marketing campaigns that you want to run on the platform. You can get an idea of the kind of impression your posts have generated, the reach of your post along with a particular timeline, the number of followers your Instagram Business Account has generated in the past one week, etc. The Analytics tool of Instagram analyses individual posts, giving you a proper insight into all your posts. You can rank your posts based on the reach in the last seven days, view the details of your followers based on certain characteristics such as Gender, Age group, engagement on your posts, etc.
  • Effective Use of Call to Actions button: With an Instagram Business Account, you can use the Call to Actions button with ease and drive your potential customers to your website, offline stores and other places through which you generate sales. You can drive your audience to a Home Page, where your offerings are there on display and the company attracts new customers; a Landing Page, where you can share new promotional offers, etc. and a Social Shopping page through which you can generate new leads and business through the same Instagram Business Account. This enables business houses to have more leads, as Instagram is a large pool of customers who can be influenced with the right content and offerings, which your Instagram Business Account has to offer.
  • Easier Recognition on Instagram and Instagram Ads: How easy has it become for your business to be found online through Instagram? All you have to do is use a contact button and upload your details on the platform. Any potential customer, who wants to visit your offline store or speak to the business concern can do so just by tapping the contact button. You can also promote your Instagram Business Account easily and use the Analytics tool to know which kind of consistent posts are being liked by your target audience and how much reach and presence is being generated by the posts. Advertisements are an important part of your social media campaign. Instagram Business Account lets you create attractive advertisements for your target audience on Instagram. Before the Instagram Business Account, you had to use the Facebook Advertisement Manager to handle these. Now, the update has made it easier for you and you can have a lot with this update. Promote your best ad campaign, get to know more about successful ad campaigns and reform your way of business with the Instagram Business Account.

If you have still not tried the Instagram Business Account, then I hope this article motivates you enough to use this type of account, which can transform your experience of marketing on Instagram. In order to create an influential Instagram business Account, you are sure to need some legit likes on your page that implies better reach. For that, you can see Famoid’s Instagram auto likes packages and increase your reach to the right audience.