Why Unified: Walkthrough of Proprietary Unified Marketing Process

When considering traditional marketing you probably think of billboards and TV commercials, but, there is more to traditional marketing than just that; a traditional marketing plan is really just any form of marketing that focuses on one strategy while ignoring other strategies or not having them work in sync to support one another – it’s an outdated approach which is no longer working for small business owners, thanks to Google announcing more and more dependencies to a successful search engine campaign every day.

This is an antiquated view of the quickly evolving marketing landscape and digital marketing companies such as Why Unified are taking the lead with an adapting marketing process which propels businesses out of obscurity with a marketing strategy which uses multiple marketing elements while establishing brand trust and authority in their marketplace.

While Unified may have their own proprietary process, Unified Marketing is really just the combination of different marketing strategies to form a well synchronized system that converts a target audience to a group of loyal customers, but in this article, we will have a general walk through of what we believe the very basics of Unified’s proprietary process of their Unified Marketing program.

The three factors that make Unified Marketing an excellent alternative to traditional marketing are as follows:

First, the combination of multiple winning techniques from traditional marketing.

Second, they focus on nurturing the prospects that have been generated.

Finally,Unified takes care of all the marketing work for you, which is recommended since they have their own proprietary process.

Combining Multiple Marketing Techniques

Combining multiple techniques really makes Unified Marketing stand out from traditional marketing. The focus with traditional marketing is on one strategy in isolation. This works OK for reaching a target audience, but it does nothing to expand the target audience, nurturing or converting.

It also ignores potential inefficiencies of one marketing strategy. For example, the traditional SEO strategy would focus on developing backlinks, writing content, and an internal linking structure. However, it would completely ignore the testing different website designs, which could have a great effect on the bounce rate of the site. The bounce rate of course will affect the rankings of the website, which then may cause a decline in the number of inquiries.

This is where Unified Marketing’s strategy excels. Not only does it focus on instilling value through an excellent visual design for the content. It focuses on developing other marketing strategies that may drive even more traffic to Google such as social media marketing and re-targeting. Just imagine someone seeing an advertisement for your business on Facebook and then going to Google only to discover your competitor.

That, unfortunately, is a common issue because traditional marketing focuses on only strategy while ignoring other avenues, leading to a costly mistake to make in the modern marketing landscape. You might win the battle with your competitors on Facebook, but once the potential customer gets off Facebook and goes to Google you will lose that customer.

Developing, Nurturing, and Converting

Developing, nurturing, and converting is the next pillar of Unified Marketing.

The first step, developing, focuses on generating the target audience. This starts with identifying a potential audience on various platforms and identifying a potential audience is rather difficult and beyond the scope of this Why Unified review. Under-stably, the team over at Unified has the years of talent, experience and the technology backed by their marketing process necessary to develop a potential audience for you no matter the industry, product, or service.

The second step, nurturing, is done by shifting the marketing campaign towards the target audience developed in the first step. In this case, nurturing does not mean spamming the potential customer with annoying ads to “Buy Now!” or annoying infomercial style commercials that will scare off potential customers.

Nurturing refers to informing the target audience about your value via excellent content marketing and well targeted emails. This develops a sense of trust and authority in the brand; the first two steps are a perfect setup for the next step, converting, in our pillar of Unified Marketing.

The final step, converting, focuses on turning that target audience into a paying customer. Waiting until after nurturing them is vital for making Unified Marketing an alternative to traditional marketing. Push for the conversion to soon and you might lose the customer for life.

The steps do not end there though and after they become a paying customer, we want to turn them into a loyal customer that may buy again. We can do that by further nurturing via email and re targeting. Once again, try turning a customer into a loyal customer with traditional marketing, it just does not work and is one of the main inefficiencies with that marketing strategy.

The balance and timing of executing these three steps is what sets Unified Marketing apart from the rest of the older traditional marketing techniques used by your competition.

The Alternative to Traditional Marketing is Clear

Unified Marketing is an excellent alternative with great rewards compared to traditional marketing. However, as you can imagine this type of strategy does involve quite a bit of hands on work to setup. On top of all the work, it is rather difficult to setup a successful unified marketing strategy for those unfamiliar or inexperienced with it but yet, you are still left to experiment and spend months of wasted time when you can have Unified create and execute the entire marketing campaign using their proven Unified Marketing process which after all, they have conceptualized.

Review of Why Unified & Unified Marketing

Why Unified, known as Unified is the origin and creator of Unified Marketing, the marketing process which has helped hundreds and thousands of business owners around the globe and is the recommended approach to take when looking for an alternative to traditional and paid marketing.