Why eCommerce Hasn’t Made Trade Shows Extinct

The Internet has changed the marketing profession more than any other medium since the dawn of time. It has all but made many traditional advertising platforms obsolete, such as newspaper ads. However, trade shows are still as popular as ever.

Benefits of Trade Shows Over eCommerce

Research from SageWorld and other industry groups has found that trade shows are still a very powerful way for marketers to reach new audiences. Here are some reasons ecommerce has not hurt them so far.

Reaching Older and Less Tech Savvy Audiences

Since the late 1990s, the Internet has touched the lives of younger people in profound ways. Many older people are also regular internet users, but they still prefer the personal connections that they don’t get online. They still enjoy seeing products being used in front of them, because they are often wary of online testimonials and product displays.

Trade shows are a great way to connect with older users.

Build More Personal Connections

The Internet can help brands in many ways. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow them to foster the same intimate connections with their customers that they can build in person.

Trade shows are a great way to forge more meaningful and in-depth relationships with potential customers.

Allow Customers to Use Products First-Hand

The biggest downside to buying products online is that you can’t test them out first. You can’t hold them in your hand, gauge their weight or see them in action.

This is possibly the biggest advantage trade shows have over digital marketing strategies. Brands can give customers the chance to use their products before they make a purchase.

Trade Show Strategies for 2017

While trade shows are still a great way to connect with customers, the strategies for using them have evolved over the years. Today, you need to combine trade show marketing with modern technology to have an edge over your competitors. Here are some strategies that you need to keep in mind.

Use the Best Display Tools

There are a number of great display units that you can use to make your presentations be more engaging. Make sure that you invest in a light box display and choose the right aesthetics.

Engage With Customers Over Apps During the Trade Show

A growing number of brands are using apps to connect with customers at their trade show events. These apps allow them to:

· Get feedback from customers during the presentation.

· Encourage customers to share their experience over social media.

· Allow customers to see products on the screen if they can’t get a great look at the presentation in person.

· Stream and record the event for future reference.

Try to look at your trade show marketing campaigns as a complement to your digital marketing efforts, rather than a substitute.

Trade Shows Play an Important Role in Any Marketing Strategy

Trade show marketing is still a very viable way to reach new customers, especially if your target demographic doesn’t spend a lot of time online. You want to invest in the right tools and know how to reach your audience carefully. The trick is to be engaging and make a great impression.