What is Email Archiving and How it Can Help Your Business

Electronic mail archiving or email archiving is the process of saving data to allow quick retrieval in the future for purposes ranging from organization to company-based audits. For organizations where data permanence is of prime concern, email archiving is important, or rather, necessary. If your firm considers data importance of concern, you need to read on very carefully.

How It Works

In the early days of the email, companies suffered from the lack of dedicated tools or programs to search their emails. Users were expected to maintain their own archives. The real trouble was when an email needed to be located. After searching for thousands of pages, one would probably be able to find the required mail. However, in recent days, a specific tool for the purpose is what people see as a blessing. An email archive tool aids with compliance, knowledge management, litigation support and storage management. Aside from storing email, most content archiving websites or tools have evolved to include enterprise file syncing and sharing data, corporate social media activities and instant messaging. The contents of the email are stored in the original read – only format. Storing emails in a separately allocated place ensures that inboxes are kept free of clutter and important mails are never lost, no matter how old they may be.

Who Uses It and Where Can You Get It

Email archiving services are normally used by companies to keep emails in store. However, they mostly exclude unwanted or unnecessary emails such as spam, junk or employee mail that doesn’t concern the company’s performance or does not have any direct/indirect role to play in the company’s work. Others include entrepreneurs such as lawyers, doctors or freelancers in any given industry, who need to track large amounts of official mail. It’s easy to access one of these brilliant tools – actually, we’ve decided or make your work even easier. Click on this link to look for archiving solutions for your email (the duocircle solution).

The Plus Points

Now that you know the basics of email archiving, here are some of the benefits that you may gain from using this brilliant tool.

  • Safeguarding Your Work – Since there won’t be the trouble of deleted emails, you need not worry about losing work exchanged or received through the online medium.
  • Managing Data – Data can be stored efficiently and safely for future use.
  • Legal Safety – Your emails are valid proof in legal disputes: all you need to do is have those emails ready to produce to your lawyer or advocate firm and you’re done!
  • Save Your Cash – Most services have the option of scalability that allows you to pay for extra storage only if you really need to.
  • For Audits – You can use these stored emails to monitor employees and tackle claims of harassment, among other human resource related problems.

As you can probably gather from what we’ve been telling you, email archiving happens to complete a number of tasks or at least, serve a number of purposes, as listed above. From being a good library for all your data, to serving as a reference to resolve all issues and complaints faced by you and your team, you know how effective this really is. Email archiving can work in different ways – with some softwares going for cloud-based archiving, while others look for different mediums to get your work done. Nonetheless, it all boils down to one goal – to keep your emails safe and the data in them stored for years until you may need to use them.

The better part about the system is that it is typically tamper proof. There is absolutely no way these could be altered or removed in parts. Now that you know the plus points of this brilliant item, why not give it a try yourself? We’re sure you’ll definitely love it.