What Is A Name Generator?

If you are busy trying to set up a new business the challenges and tasks involved are many. One of the most important is choosing the right legal name and brand name for your business. The significance of this task should not be taken lightly. Every successful business is built around a strong brand name that helps to boost it from the word go and its name allows it to dominate your market well into the future.

An LLC name generator is a tool that will help you choose a name that makes an impact, is memorable, and will establish your brand. The name generator will also allow you to check for name availability and to secure your chosen name as you go forward to complete filing your business with the state.  

How does a name generator work? 

Using a name generator is very easy and entails three basic steps. If you have already brainstormed a few names for your business, all you must do is enter the names into the LLC Name Generator search bar and choose the state you are filing in. Once you have established that your favorite is available, you can follow the instructions to secure it and to secure your domain. 

Can a name generator help if you have no idea what to name your business? 

Yes, if you are stuck, the name generator can help you find a suitable name for your startup. All you must do is enter a keyword about the type of business you are opening, select your state, and the LLC Name Generator will offer you countless available ideas. You can either use one of the names available or choose a few of your favorites. Brainstorm an idea of your own from one of these. 

Are there any naming rules that must be followed? 

Each state has different restrictions and guidelines and these are available online. However, there is a basic guideline that you should follow. 

In Kansas, New Mexico, and South Carolina, you can only give your LLC a legal name and can’t choose a brand name (DBA). 

For all the states, if you are filing as an LLC, you need to indicate it in your legal name which must include the abbreviation or the words ‘limited liability company’. Also, you cannot include words that may infer to any government agencies. Don’t use restricted words that require that you have a licensed professional, e.g. a doctor or lawyer in your LLC. If your LLC includes a licensed individual, you must provide additional paperwork. 

Why does a business need a legal and brand name? 

It is not essential to file for both names, and the legal name can be sufficient. However, in most business structures, you must include your name, and this may not indicate to your clients the exact services you offer. On the other hand, your DBA will indicate what services you offer and allows you to be very creative. 

Your legal name appears on all state and federal documents, but your brand name is the name that your clients will know you by. 

Why is it important to purchase a domain name and is it expensive? 

Once you have chosen the legal and brand names for your business, you need to buy a domain name as soon as possible. It is important because it allows you to build a website on a domain name that is personalized and easy for your customers to remember. 

It is inexpensive to purchase and hold a domain name and by purchasing it early, you can hold it until you build your website, without anyone else being able to lay claim to it. 

What are the next steps? 

If you have already chosen a name and secured a matching domain, the final step is to form your LLC which will also offer you protection as a business owner. Using the separation known as a corporate veil, your assets are protected if your business is found liable for damages. 

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Written by Barbara McGee