Design Intelligence Award 2019 Launches and Call for Entry Now

Design Intelligence Award 2019 is now calling for entries! We are now accepting submissions for excellent global physical products and digital products, as well as the individuals and studios with the most outstanding work. Participants can register and participate with no register fee until 28 May. Please check the information on DIA official website:

About Design Intelligence Award

Design Intelligence Award (DIA) was founded in 2015, which is hosted by China Academy of Art, co-hosted by China Industrial Design Association and supported by Zhejiang Province Government. DIA is not only the first academic award on industrial design in China, but also a platform for designers and experts in design, technology, commerce, media and other fields to make the future design better, attracting over 12,951 entries from 52 countries and regions over three years.

New Logo

As to show DIA’s international brand image, the new version of the logo that has a clearer outline of “DIA” for enhance the versatility and internationalization, with no change of black and white color and recognizable square shape, like the drop of the square seal, implying DIA’s recognition and authority of the winning works.

Focused Issues

In responds to the upward trend of Digital Economy, we have encouraged the design in innovation application applied to frontier technology such as artificial intelligence, block chain, 3D printing, mixed reality, etc., including but not limited to product and service in the areas of smart wear, smart home, smart city, smart agriculture, robot, etc. In addition, this year we have added the new categories software design, emphasizing user experience and new business model, including but not limited to digital products and service in areas of industrial production, office services, urban services, health care, transportation, recreation & entertainment, social communication, house living, education & training, etc.

Awards Setting

DIA sets up the double million prize, 5.95 million in total. DIA Award is set awards of Gold Award (2 Prizes, 1,000,000RMB/Prize), Silver Award (10 Prizes, 200,000RMB/Prize), Bronze Award (10 Prizes, 100,000RMB/Prize), Honorable Mention (around 300 prizes). “Design Yiwu” Special award is set awards of First prize (2 Prizes, 150,000RMB/Prize), Second prize (3 Prizes, 100,000RMB/Prize), Third prize (5, 50,000RMB/Prize), Excellent award (10, 10,000RMB/Prize).

Multi-channel Promotion

DIA will continue to carry out industrial transformation, opening the “Eight transformation channels” to promote the design and manufacturing industry. With the support of Zhejiang Economic and Social Affairs Department and Zhejiang Science and Technology Department, DIA cooperated with 8 corporates and organizations to carry out a serious of market-matching activities.

DIA awards ceremony will be held in Hangzhou in September 2019, as well as the annual exhibition,forum and other a series of design promotion activities.