We interviewed Durga P. Mikkilineni, the co-founder and partner of Global Nest LLC & Eventdex.com

Durga P. Mikkilineni is a successful entrepreneur, co-founder and partner of Eventdex and Global Nest, a NJ based minority certified IT Services firm specializing in SAP and Cloud Computing. He has over 20 years of Software Industry experience in managing and delivering on and offshore projects. He has been a leader for sales, pre-sales, delivery, and overall company strategy, which have gained more than $100 million in combined revenues.

Durga has been responsible for building an extremely fast-growing company, Eventdex, that has revolutionized the way mobile apps are used in organizing events. Here are Durga’s thoughts on how event technology will change the meetings and events space. While he candidly speaks about his journey from a programmer to a successful entrepreneur, he also shares his secret mantra behind establishing a successful startup.

TGDaily: Thanks for taking the time out to speak to us. Tell us about your journey to becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the US.

Durga: I always wanted to enter the product software space, and it was during the IT boom in the late 20th century that I decided to launch a company with my partner, Raj. I knew the road to success would not be easy. When you start something of your own, you need to be prepared to do anything and everything. You need to be prepared for all the hardship and hurdles. In your own company, you are the human resources, you are the sales and marketing personnel, and you are also the CEO. I was fortunate and strong enough to sail through and establish a series of successful companies.

TGDaily: Is Eventdex your first company? When did you found Eventdex and Global Nest?

Durga: No, Eventdex is not my first company. Raj and I founded our first company – Anthem Technologies – in 1999. We sold it off in 2005. We then established Global Nest LLC and Eventdex. While Global Nest is a New Jersey based minority certified IT Services firm specializing in Cloud and Mobile Computing, Eventdex is an event management platform with a complete suite of apps for B2B and diversity events.

TGDaily: This industry has seen a lot of changes in the past few years. What do you think is the biggest challenge of the events industry and for event planners, in particular?

Durga: I think the biggest challenge faced by event planners today is the point solution offered by almost all event technology providers, and that is one of the areas we tried addressing when starting Eventdex. Eventdex offers a suite of integrated apps that allows for a seamless flow of data from one solution to another. It also integrates with leading CRMs so that event planners can become more efficient and productive. Eventdex today has integrated products that are available to an event planner at an affordable price.

TGDaily: How do people find out about Eventdex. In other words, what is your ‘go to market’ strategy?

Durga: I think marketing is all about reach. It’s all about proper SEO, website, and a good blog. We have a robust and talented product marketing team that supports our marketing strategies – whether it is the blog, paid LinkedIn and Facebook campaigns, etc. However, the key to our success is search engine optimization, and it is the main channel that helps us connect with the right audience.

TGDaily: What’s your most popular product?

Durga: Our most popular software is the business matchmaking software called MatchLeads. MatchLeads is one of the first B2B matchmaking apps that connects small businesses with corporations at large events, expos, or trade shows and allows you to schedule one-to-one meetings instantly with other exhibitors via an app.

TGDaily: How do you see technology disrupt the events industry in the near future?

Durga: There are a couple of things that will transform the meetings and events space. To name a few:

Artificial Intelligence: AI will gain prominence as people are looking for more and more intelligence in their event technology. For instance, having an intelligent chatbot to address the needs of attendees both on a website and mobile app will become more and more popular.

Increase in touch points: attendees would like to have more and more touch points with potential customers to make the most out of the meetings. And event planners will have to facilitate that. Event planners should also be prepared to facilitate more one-on-one meetings between buyers and sellers to have successful and productive events

I think embedded BLE devices might replace RFIDs for event and session tracking.

Last but not the least, digital and crypto currencies: digital and crypto currencies will be commonplace for purchases, especially for international events and customers, since it is much easier to pay and receive in digital currency than to make bank transfers.

TGDaily: What is the one advice you’d like to give to all the people who want to start their own business and become a successful entrepreneur?

Durga: I think when you are starting new, you should always help people who come across without expecting much in return. You need to be giving before you start reaping the benefits. Also, be prepared to do anything and everything, and always be prepared for all the hardship and hurdles that will come your way.

SS: Lastly, who would you like to give the credit for your success?

Durga: My father is the biggest influence in my life. Besides that, all my friends and family are the secret behind my success.

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