How to find out what is the dress code at your new job and how to prepare

Companies are very serious regarding their dress code. Dress code brings uniformity in the company and helps the employees relate more to the company’s culture. However, finding out what is the dress code at your new company before joining could be a fearsome task. According to a recent study by Castille Resources, the ignorance in this regard can cause a lot of anxiety Moreover, your seniors would expect you to know everything about the organization.

If you will not follow the dress code, you might end up facing a great amount of embarrassment and irritation. Whether you got a new job in banking sector or in the food industry, it is important to understand the dress code. Well, you should not worry much as the following article will help you remove all the doubts in this regard:

Contact the ones present there:

In order to find out the dress code of an organization, you can contact someone present in the organization. It could be a senior or a junior. Just remember to keep the request humble and follow all the etiquettes. Also, do not hesitate in stating your reasons for missing this information. This will enable the other person to understand your position better and thus, offer you a clear solution. You must have interacted with the interviewers or anyone else. If you have any person, in your contact list, which belongs to that organization, feel free to ask for this information. They should gladly help you because you are not asking for some favor of any sort.

Use LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the best place for all kinds of professional interactions. You can visit the LinkedIn profile of your seniors or your organization to find out more about the dress code. It will not take much effort because professionals do not hesitate to share such details on these platforms. Moreover, you will also get to find out any other things you might have missed before through LinkedIn. Getting in touch with other professionals of your organization is good in all regards. Therefore, you can choose to use this method as well.

Do not hesitate:

Hesitation will ruin everything for you. Not knowing about the dress code is a simple mistake. Maybe no person mentioned the dress code before or maybe you forgot, in any case, you should not hesitate in asking for this information. You are new and every person of the organization loves to help a new employee. Keeping things clear at this stage is important for you in all matters.


After finding out about the dress code at your new company, you should start doing all the preparations. This means you will have to put effort into getting the right dress if you do not have the same. Alternatively, you will also have to make sure that you remain confident and fully equipped for your new day at the organization. Make sure to follow up and thank the person who helped you. This will keep everything friendly and amicable.

Apart from that, you should not delay in getting the dress. Failing in this regard, after gaining the information will obviously lead to more embarrassment. You should put this task in first priority.


In the end, you should also find out whether your new company has a dress code or not. Some companies allow their employees to have a simple outfit. On the other hand, many big companies have fixed dress codes for fixed responsibilities. The above tips should help you completely without causing any kind of doubt or confusion.