Ways to Market a Hard to Understand Product

Marketing has always been a mixture of art and science. There is a lot of data used in the making of a good marketing campaign, but most of the campaign planning involves understanding the consumer black box and knowing how to touch the hearts and minds of a particular target audience.

Of course, the way you market different products and reach different target audiences will be different too. What if you need to market a hard-to-understand product? This is a common challenge with newer products in today’s market, but it’s a challenge that can be solved with the tips we are about to discuss in this article.

Understand the Positioning

Before we can start talking about how the product can be marketed and how users can understand the product better, it is critically important to know how you want the product to be positioned on the market. Is it a luxury product designed for the educated segment of customers? Or is it an affordable, fast-moving product for everyone?

By knowing the unique positioning that needs to be achieved for the product, you can do these three things easily:

  • Select the target market or audience and understand how they think
  • Understand how the target audience see the product
  • Find out more about the product itself and how it should be presented

Explaining the Product

You have a wealth of tools to use in order to explain a new product to an audience. While TV ads are limited (and expensive) and print ads are no longer as effective, the internet is filled with ways to make your product easier to understand and use.

You can start by creating a website for the product, complete with detailed user manuals and tutorials. You can then take this a step further and add more tutorials on how to maximise the use of the product in different situations. This combination works great for SEO and content marketing, so you are actually making the information easy to find at the same time.

Next, take advantage of video marketing. Video marketing is huge at the moment and users tend to react better to videos. Create an explanatory video or video tutorials about the product and how it can be used. You can enlist the help of top companies like Spiel to help make cool, attractive animated videos that go down really well with the target audience.

Shifting to High Gear

The last part of the equation is the buzz. For a large number of people to pay attention to your content at the same time – and understand the product in the process – you need to create a huge buzz. A viral video, a group of influencers actively promoting the product in a generic way, and online endorsements can all help gain the traction needed to get the entire campaign off the ground.

Through careful planning and the use of these tips we just discussed in this article, marketing a hard-to-understand product is not difficult at all. Us marketers have been creating demands even before we had these wonderful internet marketing instruments to use; creating a buzz and making a product known (and loved) is a walk in the park indeed.