Top 7 Tools for Influencers in 2018

As you work into 2018, you may be wondering which latest technology would help you the most. Since, we are so data driven because of all the great technology available today. Luckily we can use that data to improve our lives.

One innovation is that we can easily record information on our mobile devices that is sent on to our doctor, our money manager, or our boss depending on the information gathered. Interlinking information helps us to understand more about ourselves, our jobs, and the world around us. With technology in mind, the following products can make life more enjoyable.

What’s new in 2018?

1. Kardiamobile: If you worry about your heart health, this convenient device which links to your mobile phone, lets you check you heart rate, through your fingertips anytime. It records your heart rate on your phone and can send a report regularly to your doctor. It also comes as a watch too, called the Kardiaband.

2. Pip: If stress interrupts or slows you down to the point you can’t work productively, this product can help. The small teardrop shaped device measures your stress levels then connects to your smartphone or tablet to take you through stress relieving exercises.

3. HearMeOut: Want to know what the trends are in music, comedy, or voice? Whether you are looking to find some of the newest performers or want to see the trends, this app combines social connection with vocal performance. Easily record, share photos, and give feedback to people around the world. A great way to get an early jump on the voice waggon, which is exploding at the moment.

4. Flipboard: If you like to check in with your social media and the latest news, this app will select and customize a news feed based on your interests in the form of a daily magazine. The newest version lets you tailor your up to date content more precisely.

5. Evernote: If you take notes often, this app has great note taking features, lets you organize easily, and includes photos, text and audio. There is a free version and a business version that allows you to use multiple devices and share with others easily.

6. Facial recognition: More and more video systems and mobile devices, including the new iPhone, use facial recognition as a security measure. Interestingly, facial recognition is easy to integrate into many security systems. Using this security feature is more accurate and feels more personal.

7. Somnox: Have trouble falling asleep? This innovative robot helps you fall asleep and stay asleep using gentle motion, sound, and warmth to help you naturally fall asleep. It is available online, though it is still in development. Somnox is made of top quality materials and uses the latest technology.


Grid diary: Want to add more positivity to your life? This innovative app encourages you to consider your relationships, money, outlook, exercise, and more through simple questions that inspire you to think (and share in writing)