Tips for Using A Chainsaw

Having your own chainsaw can be a really handy tool, when you know how to use it correctly. Using a chainsaw safely and effectively can save you lots of time when it comes to cutting down hedges and trees or chopping logs in the garden. With a number of different types of chainsaw available at SGS, you’ll have your garden looking picture perfect in no time, here’s a guide to how to properly use a chainsaw:

1. Read the Manual

A chainsaw can be highly dangerous so the best place to start is always by reading the manual. To avoid most of the common dangers, reading the manual before you start should give you a good indication of how your chainsaw works and an overview of how to safely use it. Familiarise yourself with the different controls and safety features.

2. Identify the Key Parts

The throttle lock, trigger controls and safety brake will all be clearly marked. Make sure that you know where these 3 key controls are and how to use them as well as being acquainted with the on/off switch, should you need to quickly turn it off.

3. Protective Clothing

Wearing the right protective clothing before you use your chainsaw is vital. A helmet, visor, ear defenders, steel toe capped boots and thick trousers are recommended to give you the best possible protection. Thick protective layers will give you the best protection.

4. Clear the Area

Always be sure to completely clear the area where you’re going to be working from obstacles before you get to work. Tell friends and family members where you’re going to be working so you won’t be disturbed and always start the chainsaw on the floor, placing your foot on the back handle to steady the saw.

5. Practise

Practise out your technique on a few logs or off cuts of wood before you decide to take on any big jobs. Building up confidence is vital so that when you do take on a larger job you have the experience to make a success of it.

6. Take Breaks

When operating such a dangerous piece of machinery, concentration is vital. Regularly take breaks and never operate a chainsaw if you’re feeling tired or lazy as that’s when accidents can happen.

By following these tips you should be able to safely and confidently operate your chainsaw with a view to moving towards more challenging tasks.