Time tracking software for remote employee monitoring

The internet has changed everything for remote workers, especially freelancers. It gives employees, across the globe, the chance to work for anyone that may need their skills.

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for freelancing jobs, as they are not limited to full time work restrictions. Thanks to modern communications, a freelancer can practically work from anywhere in the world, determining there own working hours and life work balance.

The most popular freelancing jobs are:

  • Content writers and copywriters
  • Web designers and developers
  • Sales marketers and Agents
  • Translators and tutors
  • SEO and SEM professionals

Utilizing the work of a freelancer is highly convenient for employers too as they are not bound by any restrictions. Regardless of the location, employees can find the best professional who has the best level of proficiency. Also, they can hire the same freelancers again if there is any other requirement that comes up instead of paying unnecessary fees. Ultimately, a freelancer doesn’t need any kind of physical office or equipment as they work remotely so it is definitely attractive for the company in terms of saving expenses.

However, there are few challenges when engaging freelancers.

1. Lack of control

It is good that freelancers can work from anywhere but the question arises when the freelancers are not spending enough time for the project or even when the employees are not sure whether he or she is working on the assigned project or attending to the personal matters and billing the employer for the same.

2. Lack of transparency with the client billing process

Whenever the client get the bill or the invoice it would be hard for them to tell whether the invoice is rightly build or not. This question arises when the freelancer is building the client based on the number of hours he or she worked on a particular project.

3. Insufficient communication and poor engagement

Conventionally, internet is the primary means of communication for every remote employee. This is especially true if it is an an employer or a company who is in total control of the process and is responsible to make the required modifications. Moreover, as much as a full time employee, a freelancer may not exactly feel committed or even engaged as being the reason he or she is outside of the team.

The above mentioned reasons happened because freelancers do not know exactly how much time they are spending on projects although they think that they are spending enough time. And that will happen with the help of chrometa time tracking software.

What is a time tracking software?

It is a software that tracks every second of our time and gives us a detailed report on exactly how much time we spend on each project on each activity. Keeping tabs on the time we spent on each and every project or activity we did is not possible without a software since there will be manual errors. But it is possible if there is an efficient time tracking software which seamlessly can calculate and record every second of our time.

Know what to track

There is no such thing which you cannot track if you are performing any activity on your PC or laptop but it is equally essential to know and understand whether that particular element or activity is worth to even be tracked or not. Activities like workouts, resting time, etc. can also be tracked but however the important thing that you need to consider while tracking such activities is that whether they help you in improving your work productivity or not. If that software is not helping you in managing your time then it is not worth it.

Embracing the right tools for freelancers to improve productivity or manage time can help deal with all the above-mentioned challenges. Other than that, a time tracking software can also be utilized to monitor the work of all the employees in a company too. Wondering how a time tracking software helps in the collaboration with the freelancers?

1. Automated data collecting

Once you install the software on the employee’s PC or laptop, then the time tracker automatically record every activity that takes place on the system. There is no way for your employees to cheat or even malfunction the time tracker. You can completely control the work progress.

2. Precise and detailed info on the time worked

Also, this software will provide you with the precise and the detailed information on the time worked on the system. Including, the numbers of the productive and unproductive time along with the number of bricks taken. This will help you in making a transparent bill which will be beneficial to both you and your client.

3. Deeper engagement

To a certain extent, a time tracking software performs more of a supervising role because the remote employees feels that each of his or her activity is being tracked and recorded and later will be evaluated along with a result. This can certainly improve the work productivity of the employee.


Now that you have understood the complete benefits of a time tracking software, get into the market and choose the one that perfectly fits your needs and requirements.