The brief business guide to Employee scheduling and budgeting tools

There is a reason for everything having been developed. From your television screen to the education system, there is a vast difference to be noticed from how things were designed and took place a decade ago in comparison to the current situation of the world. People definitely did not invent, design and develop whatever there is to offer for it to go a waste. Everything developed up to now is with the intention of making an individual’s life much easier and more methodical to carry out. Sure, getting used to all the tech and advanced developments may seem a bit crazy and hard to adjust to specially for those of the previous decade but it is important to keep up with the rest of the world specially in order to not be left out of the development and competition.

Employee scheduling software

Employee scheduling is one of the main tasks of a manager in a business organization. It is also one of the most stimulating activities of the manager mainly due to the reason that, employee scheduling is what creates a sequence and a sync in the business organization. How this benefits an employee is that, when there is a systematic employee schedule, he or she does not have to waste time in waiting or having problems with his or her schedule.

Sure, one can plan an employee schedule a week ahead and keep mailing the employees constantly or would it not be easier to simply just have software that could easily do the work for you and make it easier for your employees as well. Some of the best employees scheduling tools are listed below.


With the celayixonline employee scheduling software, it covers time and attendance, employee communication, payroll integration and much more apart from its main function. The software is said to be used by many leading internationally renowned companies. It even offers a free demo to help you guide your way through. This is mainly made to target medium scale business organizations and caters with help to all kinds of industries.


The UltiPro cloud software solution has one aim in mind and that is to enhance the employee experience it has to offer. There are many facilities offered through this software such as delivering convenient recruiting, have a speedy payroll process and so on.


This employee scheduling software charges a member $19.99 a month which is quite reasonable in comparison to many types of other software. It is also the second most voted software according to Capterra with 4.5 stars. This software lets you accept online appointments, send out emails or text messages that are automated reminders, accepts payments made online and so on.


This employee scheduling system targets mainly hourly based schedule systems. It is an online tool that is free for users and can be even downloaded as a mobile app making the work much easier and letting employees and managers have access 24/7

Calamari is beneficial to business organizations with multiple locations globally. It helps track time off, different kinds of vacation, sickness leave and so on. This software also has its own mobile app making it easier to access at any time.

Budgeting tools

It is quite easy to understand what is implied or the definition rather of budgeting tools. It is the manner in which activities are tracked to make it less expensive than on usual circumstances.

For example – If a business organization is hosting an annual event, it is most likely they do it even during a year with financial difficulties to maintain the consecutiveness. In such a case it is important to have a budget and have the employees stick to it. In such a case, it may not be as grand as the previous events but it will still be a success.

Therefore rather than having the accounting and finance department going through so much hassle, it can be minimized by using simple budgeting tools. And in some instances, could be even found for free. Some budgeting tools that could be very useful are as follows –

YNAB (You need a budget)

According to Forbes, this is the top pick when looking for budgeting tools. Mainly due to the reason that creating a budget using this tool takes merely a few minutes only. Another interesting feature about the tool would be that, the budgets are based on one’s previous income rather than future incomes.

Personal Capital

This budgeting tool is free and perfect for individuals or businesses that want to track not only their budgets but also their investments.


This is one of the oldest budgeting tools and helps connect to your financial institutions and download transactions. It is also possible to sync data between devices so that the individual will always have an easy access to all accounts.


This budgeting tool is under the ownership of Quicken and unlike the above mentioned software, this is an online version yet still similar. Mint can not only provide information on budgets, spending and etc. It can also track one’s income, liabilities, assets and etc.


Another beneficial tool for tracking budgets, according to Forbes is the spreadsheet. Many people do not consider this as it is a basic tool but many don’t realize its best not to under estimate the value of spreadsheets. Unlike other components, this lets you have control of what you need to track and etc.