The Best Ways to Improve Your Business’s Relationship with Your Customers

There’s no way around it, customers are essential to your business. Maintaining relationships can be difficult but when competition is high it is important to keep your customers loyal and show them that you care.

Customer Service Training

Completing a customer service course is a quick and easy way to get yourself and your employees performing better. Training courses will teach the latest ways to engage customers as well as give advice for building those important long-term relationships. These courses cover everything from how to make a good first impression to understanding customers’ purchasing habits.

Increase Your Network

If relationships with current customers are turning sour, maybe it is time to extend your network. The easiest way to do this is to utilise online tools like LinkedIn to connect with people in your industry. Try approaching those you identify as potential customers and advertising your services. Reaching out personally may make your company more memorable. If you don’t already have one, set up an email subscription list to maintain contact with new and current customers. Be careful not to over use this strategy though, as you may find people unsubscribing.

Listen To Your Customers

If you receive complaints or bad reviews, the worst thing you can do is ignore them. Taking the time to personally respond to negative feedback demonstrates that you care about your customers. Treat this as an opportunity to learn what can be done better next time, to avoid upsetting any more customers or putting off potential clients. Aim to reply quickly and effectively to all requests or complaints to present your business in the best possible light.

Personalise Your Interactions

Taking the time to use a customer’s name in an email can be the difference between a positive interaction and a negative interaction. People like to feel valued and customers are no different. Take the time to store and use personal information, such as birthdays and social media accounts, where appropriate. These small, personal interactions demonstrate that you consider your customers as more than a source of income. It also makes your company feel more human and in turn customers are more likely to approach you directly. Try setting up face-to-face meetings instead of contacting them by email or phone call. This shows that you are going the extra mile to give your time to customers.

Be Active on Social Media

Use social media to engage your customers. If you are posting informative, relatable and enjoyable content then your customers will be more engaged with your company online. It is important to consider your audience when creating content. There is no point coming up with excellent, creative content if it no one is going to be interested. Open up your social media channels to questions and make sure each reply is signed with an initial so it seems as if a real person is responding to your customers each time. Having a good social media presence may also attract new customers, as well as improving your relationship with current ones.