Where to find Freelancers for your Online Business

If you are looking for freelancers to help you manage your online business (and sometimes, some offline gigs), there are lots of resources you can call upon, mostly for free, or until at least, you have to pay for a job done.

One of the perks of hiring freelancers is that you can get the same skill set, a dedicated staff, without having to put funds aside for office space, medical bills or bonuses, unless you would like to. Freelance Writing Expert, Danielle Que, says that for example, with websites like https://newyorkessays.com/ you can get an essay writing tutor at the fraction of the cost you needed to hire an offline alternative.

However, similar to offline recruiting, freelancers are to be evaluated to ascertain expertise in the desired field.

Below are freelance sites with an enviable freelance population.


One of the first in the freelance arena, freelancers on this platform have been serving the online community since 1998. Here, you can post a job, select from bidders, choose the most appropriate, and make the hire to get your business running.


Created from a merger between Elance and Odesk, Upwork is one of the largest marketplaces in the freelance world. Presently, Upwork boasts an estimated 12 million freelancers in various niches and categories, available for immediate hire.


Headquartered in London, UK, People Per Hour is another website where you can get freelancers to handle various tasks. Advertising jobs in the form of Hourlies, clients can hire one or more freelancers to perform gigs, at a pre-established fixed price, thus removing the hassle of negotiating. Also, similar to other freelance sites, there are also project-based tasks.


Identified on the website as gigs, jobs carried out on the Fiverr range from editing, to writing, to miscellaneous tasks that are unique to the hiring client.


Another site with a large group of clientele, Freelancer is famous for posting contests that are tied to government projects. From design for space rockets to ethical hacking, freelancers on Freelancer boast a wide range of skills. For the small business owner, hiring for jobs like data entry, SEO, Writing and WordPress are also available.


An important source for hiring freelancers with a unique skill set, 99designs is a lucrative spot for clients who are looking to hire those in the web and graphics design field. From web designs, to banners, and t-shirts, and coffee mugs, there are lots of freelancers with imagination to implement designs according to the clients’ desires.

Amazon Turk

Amazon Turk is a web marketplace offered by ecommerce giant, Amazon. Amazon Turk is a crowd-sourced platform where companies and big business can post large time-sensitive projects, and hire large number of freelancers to efficient completion.


iFreelance is another marketplace with an avalanche of freelancers. With its unique business model of no fees charged to using the site and no restrictions to offline communication, iFreelance might be where you hire a freelancer at a relatively low price.

Design Crowd

Another website dedicating to unearthing freelancers to spring up admirable designs, current number of registered freelancers on Design Crowd are about 600,000. With Design Crowd, clients are certain of getting the design they want, or their money back.


With the unique business model of vetting freelancers before they are accepted on the platform, Toptal aims to improve upon freelancer’s efficacy by matching highly qualified freelancers to projects to be undertaken.

There are also several online marketplaces that are filled with freelancers that possess skill set in minority professions like engineering, construction, artificial intelligence etc. Also, it is possible to hire freelancers through traditional job boards. Making use of escrow sites, client and freelancer decide on negotiation of payment.

Concluding, the reasons to hire a freelancer might not be readily obvious. However, if your business has an offline front, and you are looking to expand your business abroad, or you would like to meet with international clients, hiring a freelancer might be one of the viable options.