The Beginner Entrepreneur’s Guide to Facebook Advertising Made Easy

Modern advertising has changed, and this change is definitely for the better. Advertisers are presented with a wide array of choices, so they can choose which model works for their business. But what do you need to take into consideration if you are a beginner entrepreneur? Read on to find out.

Is Social Media Advertising Really Needed?

Today, more and more businesses are using social media, particularly Facebook advertising. It’s cheap, easy, and does not require much time to manage. Also, the materials in creating a successful Facebook campaign are easy to find. In other words, it is a lot more effective and budget-friendly than traditional advertising.

Facebook, in totality, is a powerful tool due to the number of people who are using this platform. It has the biggest user base of all social media platforms. In a recent survey, it is found out that Facebook has 1.79 billion active users on a monthly basis. Thus, you can reach out to more people. Also, there are over 1 million Facebook advertisers today, which is real evidence that it works.

Does Facebook Work for Businesses of All Sizes?

Even new businesses can count on Facebook Ads. After all, it’s known to be simpler and more effective than its competitors.

The main difference between Facebook ads and its competitors is that it does not need active searching on the part of consumers. When using Facebook ads, your only concern is how you target people using their interests, hobbies, and jobs. Other advertising companies use keywords, but there are fewer chances that people will look for something unless they really need it. With Facebook Ads, you just create an attractive and amusing advertisement for your target audience. There is a higher chance that people who see your products will like and buy it.

How is Billing Processed in Facebook Ads?

You can easily set the payment method convenient for you in the “Billing” tab in the Ads Manager section. You can freely choose if you would like to use card or Paypal. Then, you just have to enter your payment details. You can also set your budget and schedule where you can dictate how much you would like to spend on a daily basis or lifetime budget. You can also choose if you want to run the ads on a continuous basis or for a specific time frame only.

Is Facebook Continually Evolving for the Better?

Facebook believes in continuous improvement and innovation. If you are to compare how advertising on Facebook looked like years ago, it is really different from today. In addition, Facebook has added mobile ads to its services, too.


In advertising, remember that in whatever tool you would like to utilize, it is important that you back it up with research and learn about it more before engaging with it. Research about your target audience or customers to get a good grasp of how you will design your ads to reach your desired results. That’s the key to a successful Facebook advertisement.