The 4P’s Of Effective Entrepreneurship

Looking back at my 26 years of life, failures, and successes, I have learned to deeply value these 4 qualities. If we all can just hold onto these 4 values, we can get things done, things which seem impossible to most.

  1. Persistence
  2. Positivity
  3. Passion
  4. Patience

We all know about these things, isn’t it? We do understand them. Well, knowing is not good enough. Practicing them is what makes all the difference. I knew it too but did not value them as much as I do now. After reading the success story of CEO and Founder of StarInfranet Anand Mishra I was reminded how these 4P’s can make a world of difference when it comes to running a business. As an entrepreneur, you should keep in mind that your employees take cues from you and as such you should always lead by example.

Here I am going to emphasize the value of each one of them and hope that this helps you take action in getting better in each one of these qualities.


Persistence defines who you are, what you really care about

Are you different just because you had that awesome idea of changing the world? Let me tell you one thing, each one of us(7 billion) want to do something big, to change the world, to disrupt, to lead.

In some ways, we start working on those big goals. Then we face problems. Then we fight. Then more and more problems start coming in. Then we give up. This is what an average person does.

I urge you to keep doing what you believe in, moving towards your goal, inch by inch, no matter what! If you can survive more than an average person, you get what most wouldn’t. Do you have the persistence that can make you stand out from the crowd?


Always be positive, no matter what. There’s no other choice. You have to find positives even in situations where no-one else can. This positivity will give you the energy needed to get things done. Remember, positivity and negativity both are infectious.

  • With negativity, you’ll not be able to do the simplest tasks
  • With positivity, you’ll be able to solve the toughest problems


Be fucking passionate. Passion is the fuel you need to get things done. Passion is infectious as well, passionate people inspire passion in others.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals?


To paraphrase the words of Bill Gates; we often overrate what we can accomplish in a year and underrate what we can accomplish in five years

Dima Midon, the CEO of TrafficBox, a Digital Marketing Agency agrees that in the end, if you’re giving your best, it’s just about the time that you achieve your goals. If you really want something, you will keep doing things to achieve it and wait for the day when you achieve the goal.

If you’re wondering why these 4 things only? I do not have any logical answer to that. From my experience, I believe these are the things which can build a great foundation of ourselves.