Importance of Growth Hacking

There are 1000s of launches happening in the startup world, though most of them tend to go unnoticed for they don’t have many reasons to offer for press attention.

GrowthHackWorld, as the name suggests, is an online place where entrepreneurs can find growth hacking tools and resources to grow their business. This is one of those few promising startups that have managed to grab press attention.

While this business has quite a good buzz around it, it has joined the league of some successful businesses which started with a facebook group. Their collaboration with influencers gave them a good recognition. They have also managed to create faithful initial customer base by delivering high value.

Co-founders Vaibhav Gupta and Vipin Verma also happen to be HuffPost columnists and also own an verified company. They have been promoting valuable insights and knowledge of experts around the world through their HuffPost columns.

Their experience to make a product market fit has helped them create something good like GrowthHackWorld, where a lot of entrepreneurs are finding problems to their solutions.

They believe that its’ growth is completely proportional to the value for money they intend to provide to their users.

I have seen people backing out of business because they had no access to the guidance, tools, and resources that could have helped them succeed. I decided then, to help all the cofounders 10x their pace to success.

Many CEOs, co-founders, and growth hackers have given good feedback on the site. Vaibhav and team have also managed to strike deals with the best start-up tools and sites available out there.

Growth hacking isn’t just limited to startups now. Fortune 500s are also looking forward to incorporating growth-hacking and growth hackers to find unconventional solutions to the conventional problems.

Trends are ever-changing. Dropbox and Airbnb gave a perfect kickstart to the art and trend of growth hacking which has kept growing on since then.

“It is important to understand that growth hacking isn’t just about tools, and resources and strategies, rather it is about developing a mindset of growth which would vary with businesses it is applied in. It is a combination of consumer psychology, neurolinguistics, ability to take calculated risks and much more” says Vipin Verma. They have pledged to keep up with the trends.

They have launched customizable packages for growth hacking assistance. With their entry-level plan, you can have access to the vast pool of tools and resources at just 199$ for a lifetime.

The other attractions are huge discounts on best email scraping tools, social media marketing tools and on world-class cryptocurrency courses.

Decade to come will be the time of growth hacking and growth hackers.

There is so much to achieve in days to come, and this fact offers a promising future to GHW.