Cyber Security Platforms To Protect Startups From Hackers

Cyber security isn’t the first thing on a founder’s mind when they start a new venture. Most startup owners tend to think that their website or service won’t be a victim of cyber security attacks simply because they are new.

Cyber hackers are well aware that startups don’t put much effort in raising their cyber security standards and are finding increased success attacking startups instead of more established businesses.

Why Is Cyber Security Important for Startups?

Internet users today are more concerned about their online privacy than ever before. Online platforms are often rated and recommended based on the level of privacy protection that they offer to their users.

For an online startup, it is important to concentrate on cyber security because in case of a data breach, not only will the reputation of the start-up plummet but the company may also be legally responsible for having their user’s private data compromised.

Thanks to the rising number of cyber crimes, cyber security services are in great demand. The current market capitalization of cyber security startups is close to 100 billion US dollars and it is expected to cross 200 billion US dollars by 2025.

Startups need to safeguard their user’s data and, in doing so, maintain their trust by taking cyber security seriously from the start of their company.

Top 5 Cyber Security Services to Protect Startups from Hackers

Hiring a cyber security service is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your start-up is well-guarded against online attacks and threats. Even though you can find lots of cyber security services and platforms out there, it is important that you pick one that stays constantly vigilant against on-going threats so as to make sure that you get the latest and best protection possible.

In order to help you, we have compiled a list of the 5 best cyber security platforms below that you can check out to ensure that your start-up stays safe from any sort of online attack.

AllSafe IT

AllSafe IT is one of the finest cyber security firms in Los Angeles. The team at AllSafe IT delivers custom-tailored cyber security solutions to their customers. They also make sure that proper care is taken in managing the data so that none of it is ever compromised or lost.

One of the advantages of having tailored cybersecurity solutions for your start-up is that you then do not have to pay for any unused services, you only pay for what is actually needed to benefits your business.


Balbix is another highly recommended cyber security platform that makes use of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and predictive analysis to assess and prevent any cyber related attacks.

The Balbix platform continuously scans all the devices, applications, and users in an enterprise and compares them against hundreds of different vectors responsible for cyber attacks to create heat maps showing possible attack risks.


The CryptoMove platform makes use of a technique known as MTD (Moving Target Defense). In this technique, the data of an enterprise is continuously is stored in a fragmented, encrypted, and stored in decentralized cloud-based locations to ensure safety.

Each part of the data is continuously moved between so as to make it difficult for attackers to plan and target an attack. Moreover, even in the case an attack occurs, only encrypted fragments of the actual data is revealed to the attacker which yields no benefit.

Ping Identity

Ping Identity was earlier known as Elastic Beam and the platform monitors API security by making use of artificial intelligence.

The platform continuously monitors the API transactions that happen in the network of an organization and in real-time blocks any kind of cyber attacks that happen via API transactions. One of the key highlights of Ping Identity is that it can be easily deployed, no matter if your data is stored in the cloud or if you have a localized server.


The Perimeter X platform performs behavioral analysis using machine learning tactics to monitor bot activity in an enterprise in real-time and reports any kind of malicious activities. Data from previous experiences are stored within the platform to make sure that no further attack occurs even from a modified source.

It also provides users with an easy-to-analyze interface using which they can choose to filter the blocked attacks based on location, IP address, time, and risk.

Final Words

As the world continuously advances in terms of connectivity, cyber security platforms are the best way for businesses to make sure that their services have the best level of security possible and that their customer’s data is never compromised.

The cyber security solutions that we listed in this article are some of the best in terms of service and efficiency. We hope you found this article informative and if you have any queries in your mind, do leave a comment below to begin an interaction.