Basics to Start a Pharmacy

With the advancement in medical technology, the number of pharmacies in each neighborhood is increasing rapidly and the employment prospect in this sector is rising. If you feel that as an investor you have the kind of cash that can go into opening a pharmacy, it certainly is a potentially returning investment.

There are certain formalities and legal measures you need to take care of before you can open a profitable pharmacy which will help others in the area.

Demand in the Area

Deciding on your pharmacy POS is very important because you need to:

  • Ensure that the pharmacy is near to as many potential buyers as possible;
  • There is not a saturation of pharmacy retailers in the area which can make your effort redundant;
  • The overall health standard in the neighborhood to see if the need of a pharmacy is present.

Regardless of the versatility of medicine and quality of brands you sell, if buyers are not interested in the medicine in the first place, you cannot expect the pharmacy to be successful.


In most cases a setup like this will require capital beyond what you have saved up or what you can provide from your liquid assets. You will either need to go for a complete withdrawal of accounts, mortgage of long-term assets, or simply go for a business loan from a reputable financial institution (for which you need a decent credit score).

Without sufficient market research you will not be able to deliver an estimate time for repayment when borrowing, so you need to put in a lot of effort into your financing prospects to make sure that even in the case of a loss, you do not suffer too much.


The increase in pharmacies is certainly not unregulated, because medication cannot be sold without being monitored. If you open up as a pharmacy and present ill-verified documents, not only will your place shut down but you will also be subject to legal charges which can go on for years and ruin careers.

Take advice from present pharmacy managers and owners, check the constitutional requirement of how to get a pharmacy checked and administered, and only then begin the necessary construction and purchases.

Staff and Supplies

Just like any other retail business, there are certain factions that need to be taken care of by a hierarchal system, and you need to establish that network within your pharmacy. You need to get a reliable staff, after extensive application processes, that you can trust with the assets and cash within the pharmacy, and you can certify to be qualified enough to be at the selling point.

As the owner you will also need to take good care of the sources which stock you up with medicines, because with the extension of the industry, counterfeit suppliers are growing. Make sure that you do not trust any supplier without a state verified name and face to face meeting.