An EdTech Startup Prospers Despite Frequent Changes

The education system is (almost) constantly changing, with new regulations, testing methods, curriculums and other elements being altered on a regular basis. It is difficult for education technology startups to thrive in such a climate, but one particular EdTech startup has managed to do so nevertheless.

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That startup is USATestprep, an EdTech startup founded by two former high school teachers in Georgia. The site uses a series of cunning strategies to provide teachers with products that can really help them in class.

How It All Started

The two founders of USATestprep are Jay Eckard and Joe Winterscheidt, former teachers who faced the same set of challenges when they were still teaching in class. Strict state testing requirements meant teachers and students were in a constant struggle to meet the high and changing standards.

Using their experiences as teachers, both Jay and Joe founded their company in 1998. Their missions were simple: they wanted to help teachers be more effective in class and provide students with the tools and aid needed to meet state requirements.

It wasn’t until 2016 that the two founders decided to focus on USATestprep full-time. They received enough funding to develop the company further. The market is also more than ready for EdTech startups like USATestprep, with teachers and students using laptops and other gadgets more commonly.

The Four Strategies

USATestprep still faces big challenges in the changing market. As state regulations and requirements change, the company must provide relevant resources to meet those changes. There are four key strategies that make USATestprep the successful EdTech startup that they are today.

The first one is their focus on customers. USATestprep has always made supporting teachers their primary mission. As a result, teachers can use the resources available to them to help students achieve more and meet the state requirements.

USATestprep enlisted the help of former teachers to develop a stronger team. Almost everyone working for the company has teaching experiences and the startup successfully takes advantage of the combined experience to customize its product; a second strategy used by USATestprep to stay ahead of the market.

It is also interesting to note that USATestprep is decentralizing their business processes instead of keeping everything under one roof. Having a distributed team means they can perform better market analysis and get more insight into the process.

Lastly, the company made sure that teachers can buy into the USATestprep platform securely. Combined, these four strategies are the reasons why the company has succeeded when most other EdTech startups are struggling.

Exciting Developments to Come

USATestprep is positioning itself beautifully as a partner for teachers in the classroom. They are providing a product that both teachers and students can actually benefit from. As the market continues to change, the company continues to incorporate better strategies and improve its market analysis process to help them stay on the leading edge of education technology.

It will be interesting to see what new developments get introduced by USATestprep this year. Be sure to stay tuned right here on Startup Nation for more updates and news from the company.