4 Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Have in Their Toolbox

Being the best at what you do should be the number one goal of your business, but getting your brand out there is as crucial to your success, so focusing on effective marketing should be a close second. As an entrepreneur who is just starting out, minding every penny is of utmost importance to you. Fortunately, we live in a digital age with scores of digital tools designed to help people just like you, and many of them are totally free.

Here are some fantastic online digital marketing tools designed to help entrepreneurs stay organized, create stunning marketing campaigns, and even strategize and monitor their impact.

1. Evernote

Running and marketing your business often requires you to be juggling a lot of balls at once, and it’s often easy to drop a ball if you don’t stay organized. When it comes to creativity, you never know when good ideas may strike. If you are not organizing and prioritizing your notes and ideas you could be missing key opportunities. Evernote is a handy app which allows you to quickly and easily collaborate all your inspirations and ideas (links or documents such as case studies, content concepts), in one location which can be instantly accessed from any of your devices.

2. Canva

Visual and graphic content are fast becoming the most used currency in terms of digital marketing content. For example, custom-designed infographics add credibility and flair to your presentation and captivating illustrations make for engaging social media posts; but not everyone has design skills or an artistic eye. Thanks to Canva, anyone can create stunning visual content, no matter how inexperienced they may be.

Canva is a completely free and fun online tool which enables you to custom-create visuals for any platform, with a massive library of templates, graphics and fonts which you can simply drag-and-drop into its easy-to-use platform.

3. Hootsuite

There’s no doubt that having a strong social media presence is integral to a successful online marketing campaign, but social media management can be a time-consuming process. Hootsuite is a marvelous social media tool which simplifies the process for you by providing a dashboard which allows you to sync, access and maintain 3 social media platforms, all in one user-friendly place. Hootsuite is really powerful and easy to use, no matter what your level of expertise may be; there’s even a Hootsuite University available to provide tips and insight along the way.

4. Crowdfire

Once you’ve created your all your social media accounts and you’ve created engaging visual content, you’ll need to start building up a following. This need not be tedious, time-consuming or aimless; with Crowdfire you can strategically target potential followers on your Instagram and Twitter accounts and watch your audience grow.

Crowdfire is so user-friendly; not only can you target followers by keyword use or location, you can even keep track of your followers activity and weed out inactive or fake accounts. Crowdfire even intuitively highlights followers with targeted interests who are most likely to follow back, making it an invaluable digital marketing tool.