5 In-Demand Online Money Making Ideas That Require More Than Just Geeky Brainpower


There’s certainly no shortage of money making ideas on the Internet. You don’t need yet another list of the same-old, same-old.

The five online money making ideas in this post are not for everyone. In fact, they’re really for the minority.

Here’s why:

These ideas require a combination of skills that are so far apart in nature, that not many people boast them. In fact, 51% of jobs now require a combination of creative and technical skills.

For instance, content marketer’s need to be part technician and part artist, two skills at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

The ideas in this post require some serious cross-skilling.

So although not many people would be able to successfully pull them off, if you have multi-abilities, you should give one of these ideas a shot because your chances of success over time, are high, precisely because of the cross-skillset.

If you lack the skills but have determination…

If you’re determined to start one of these online money making ideas, but don’t have all the necessary skills, there is still hope. Hopscratch is a service that can set up an entire business in less than a month, and do the stuff you either don’t want to do, or don’t have the talent for. They can also help maintain your business in areas you lack.

Hopscratch can set up your entire business in less than one month.

Moral of the story? Anything is possible if you’re determined…

Right. Let’s get on with the ideas:

#1: Build SEO friendly websites

There’s a thick slice of bread filled with butter in web development-cum-web design at the moment, and if you have the ability to add jelly to it, your services are likely to be in great demand.

For beneficiaries of newly created websites to be successful, four elements are needed:

  1. The website needs to be coded well.

  2. Not only does it need to have a sound technical foundation, it also needs to look nice.

  3. The copy on the website needs to be SEO optimized.

  4. Finally, not only do websites need a solid technical foundation, they also need to look nice AND be search engine engine friendly.

Now, the problem with this is that web developers are technical in nature and can provide a solid technical foundation but their designs may be lacking in visual appeal. Web designers, on the other hand, are creative and make websites look pretty, but often don’t provide a solid technical “base”.

Image Credit: WebDesignerDepot

And then, you also need the right skills to write engaging content and optimize it.

There is a shortage of cross-skilling in the make-up of websites.

What website clients end up with, are websites that are built technically sound but are not visually appealing or SEO friendly. Or the website looks great but is not search engine friendly. Either way, there is a problem. And the poor unsuspecting client is the one to suffer.

If you can build visually appealing, search engine friendly websites, there may be a demand for your services. In fact, get it right and it’s a super hot online money making idea.

The only other hurdle you may need to address is client education. If you provide websites that rock, you may want to charge more for your services, but you will need to justify the extra expense.

Talents needed:
  • Creativity

  • Search engine optimization

  • Programming

  • Copywriting

#2: Create niche landing pages

Any business that goes online, needs landing pages for effective marketing and online money making. The problem is that most entrepreneurs don’t know it, nor do they see the value of using them.

Differences between a landing page and a website.

Credit Image: LandingI

The other consideration is that building landing pages has a similar predicament to building effective websites, but even more so because not only do landing pages need to be visually appealing, they also need to be designed with an understanding of human behavior, specifically the client’s target audience, AND they require a copywriter’s pen.

Currently, there are landing page builder services available, but at about $40 per month, entrepreneurs are often not convinced they need it.

A gentle introduction into the world of landing pages is often necessary, until clients can see the value they bring, and how they work to convert visitors into customers.

So. If you can build stand-alone landing pages that are visually appealing, are designed with an understanding of human behavior, have an intimate understanding of the niche, can provide copywriting on the page, AND convince clients of the need for them, there’s so many small businesses online that need you!

Talents needed:
  • Programming

  • Creativity

  • Copywriting

  • Intimate understanding of the client’s niche

  • Understanding of human psychology

#3: Provide technical support

There are a plethora of virtual businesses today, and at some stage, every one of them will need some kind of technical support. Online entrepreneurs often don’t know where to turn. They don’t even know the technical jargon to use to find the right help.

Upwork lists these freelance jobs as being the most in-demand technical skills at the moment:

  1. PHP Development

  2. Javascript Development

  3. Web Design

  4. HTML5 Development

  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  6. MySQL Administration

  7. Android App Development

  8. jQuery Development

  9. iOS App Development

An idea to start this kind of business would be to offer your services via freelance websites. You’d probably need to offer your services for rock bottom prices as a start, but once you get going and have some clients, you can start increasing your price.

If you can provide technical support, and speak the language of non-technical people, you could do very well with this online money making idea, because most technical people are not very good communicators. Those who can communicate well, and understand non-technical people, should excel.

Talents needed:
  • Technical skill in the area of your choice

  • Good communication skills

#4: Become a technical writer

People who are technically inclined generally have a hard time speaking the language of “normal” (for lack of better wording) people.

Companies that provide technical services or products, tend to develop a culture of odd language that often needs to be interpreted and made understandable for non-technical people.

As such, there is a huge demand for technical writers – those who understand technical stuff, but can also interpret it as plainly as possible, for all to understand.

Technical writing is needed for:

  • Contracts    

  • Online help guides     

  • Requirements specifications

  • Product catalogs

  • Reference guides

  • White papers

  • User manuals

  • FAQ’s

  • Customer Service scripts     

  • Policy documents    

  • Presentations

The list is endless. Techwhirl provides more helpful information on technical writing.

Talents needed:
  • Technical understanding

  • Ability to make complex things sound simple

#5: Set up a technical ecommerce store

A person who is gifted with a combination of technical skill and marketing ability should find themselves very successful at setting up a technical ecommerce store.

This is because although there may be much competition, when a business is technical, the people who are hired tend to be technical too.

And technical peeps usually lack the skills needed to be a good marketer, or to provide exceptional customer service, because they understand the nature of technical stuff more than they understand – or care about – the human psych.

Image Credit: VirtualBusinessSolutions.Biz

If you have both skills – technical and marketing ability – you should do very well in this line.

Talents needed:
  • Technical ability

  • Marketing skills

  • Customer service understanding

Key points

The Internet is jam-packed with money making ideas. Those are for everyone.

These five ideas are for the minority; a special breed who are not only technical, but creative too. If this sounds like you, and you’re looking for ways to make money online, you may have stumbled upon gold with these five unique ideas that require some serious cross-skilling for ultimate success:

  • Building websites that are pretty and SEO friendly

  • Creating sales landing pages for certain niches

  • Offer technical assistance or services

  • Turn technical jargon into understandable copy

  • Build an ecommerce store that is technical

If you’re excited about one of these ideas but don’t have all the skills needed, find other profitable business ideas that you can build or center a business around. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways to create a profitable online business – one only needs to venture!