The Startup’s Guide To Storage

When your new business is just starting up there is a lot to think about. As a result, it’s easy to over look many things, including storage. But, this is actually very important and will remain so as your business goes from a startup in your spare room to a successful company spread over several office floors.   

What storage do you need?

  • Data Storage

This is storage of information – data is integral to the running of companies, but as a result they have a huge amount of it. Data storage is important for two reasons – firstly it removes the physical need for rows of filing cabinets and piles of paper, storing everything in one ‘virtual’ place so that don’t have to spend hours going through hundreds of documents when all when you need to find one piece of information. Secondly, and most importantly, it is a legal requirement to keep all data safe, particularly the private and confidential information of your clients and employees.

  • External Storage

Self-storage will be handy when you are first starting out because it will give you space to have extra stock, the opportunity to store furniture before and during your move into an office, and a place for anything else you need. Check out this Heathrow business storage to see how it can help you.

  • Internal Storage

You also need storage within your workspace. Depending on how much space you can afford to rent, you might not have lots of internal storage to take advantage of, so you need to keep it as tidy and organised as possible. Think folders, paper files, clear stacker boxes, shelves and cupboards that go upwards rather than outwards, multi-functional furniture and so on.

Don’t let your internal storage solutions become too small or unfit for purpose: spending half your time searching through the mess will be detrimental to productivity and motivation. As youde-clutter your office space, you will also de-clutter your mind, so use storage to make your office space tidy. Ultimately, you should boost morale and increase productivity.

But, why does your startup need storage?  

Data, internal and external storage will keep everything safe and secure. This is importantly for any business, and that includes startups too: the loss or damage of expensive items or vital company information could be costly to the point of shutting down your business before it’s had the chance to take off. It will also provide you with much needed space and help you to be organised.

What can happen if a startup doesn’t have secure storage?

Some of the country’s biggest businesses have been hacked and had vital information stolen. Most recently TalkTalk were in the news due to fears that hackers had got details of the firm’s four million customers. This obviously isn’t an ideal situation for any company to be in – but the for a startup it could be a set back you can’t recover from. This is why data storage is vital if you want your business to succeed.