Get your name on the Moon

A group of independant rocket engineers is looking for your money to get a one gram payload to the Moon. Yes, only one gram.

Project Moonspike is a new Kickstarter campaign, launched with the aim of raising $ 1 million dollars (£600,000 to be precise), within 30 days, to send a self built rocket to the Moon.

Moonspike is not about any scientific research but to show that they can build a rocket from scratch, and send it to the Moon. The one gram payload, a small vault containing data from the project’s backers, has a symbolic value, just to prove they made it to the Moon.

The campaign initiators said, they were inspired from all the balloons carrying cameras into space. As Chris Lamour, one of the project’s co-founders, put it

“I thought what’s the next step after a balloon? How hard can it really be to go to the Moon?”

If you want to immortalize your name on the Moon, you have to donate at least £19 ($29), for £3 ($5) you can immortalize your name on the website and for a few thousand pounds upwards you can also have your logo on the spaceship.

For full details of their project visit