DreamMe, sleeping with your smartphone

There is a campaign currently running on Kickstarter for DreamMe. It involves a combination of software and hardware to sweeten smartphone user’s dreams. DreamMe projects, via an accessory, content on the ceiling – for example, the number of unread e-mails, the weather or simply the time. Obviously the community likes the idea because the target sum of €7,000 ($7,800) was reached after only four days.

Yvonne Joh is behind the project who is rooted in the house and garden business, with her company Yoh-kind. A curious jump from weeds and deckchairs to smartphone gadgets. She explains how the idea was born in her video here.

In any case the idea of a smartphone night light projector is getting support, in addition to displaying time and date you can count sheep too. If you need more time zones, weather in other cities or to read your emails then you have to upgrade the free app to premium. Windows phone users will, unfortunately, not be able to join in on the fun.

The project is at $13,000 with still another 20 days to go. €18 ($20) is what you have to pay if you want to secure one of the first electronic sheep counters. Shipment is scheduled for December 2015. If this is exactly what you have always been looking for then check their Kickstarter page here.