Smarthalo, smartening up your bicycle

Although I am not really into peddling around on a bicycle, I certainly see a lot of other people who are. Having everything around us turned “smart” it was about time that someone pimped our bicycles, giving them the technology that we take for granted everywhere else.

Smarthalo is a well-designed, tamper-proof gadget that can be safely attached to your bike with tamper-proof screws. The estimated street price will be just under $150. After pairing it with your smartphone you can use all its cool features like:

  • GPS navigation
  • Remembering the bike’s last location
  • Cycling metrics including time, average speed, distance, elevation, calories burned, route traveled, etc.
  • Integrated 200 lumen headlight
  • Call and SMS notifications
  • Weather alerts
  • Anti-theft alarm

The idea is great, the price reasonable and the features are well implemented, making it look really cool.

If you want to see it in action or even preorder, check their site here.