13 Health and wellness startups to watch in Asia

Many organizations offer a variety of health insurance reports towards serving any nationality or even expats across the world. People have now become more concern towards the health and wellness of their day to day life styles which encourages and motivates individuals to get themselves registered towards a well-established insurance company for health care. As everyone wants to stay fit, technology has also played a big part in providing these convenient opportunities to help people from all across the world measure and gain benefits of maintaining a healthy life style for the betterment of the future generations. Various Apps, websites and blogs are here to support us in this cause providing the health and wellness of the present population. I am sure you would get to know more about these organizations which provide you with exact needy for your cause and great life. Below are some organizations which would lead you to get a better idea of deciding which company to follow up with in order to assure your health.

Global Insurance Solutions Ltd

When speaking more about international health insurance organization which has been established in the purpose of serving peoples health care, it has been successful with its service throughout the years. A wide variety of plans regarding insurance is offered to local nationalities from around the globe. Extra value added plans are also linked with more international companies serving you with its best of service.

Cigna International

This is also said to be recognized for its great health assurance care given to its loyal customers. It is said to be a large and globally re-known insurance company throughout the years of experience. This company offers a great deal of life time assurance to expatriates.


IMG is an established US brand which is a successful internationally recognized medical service provider. Many youngsters of youth and majority of expats have decided to choose this company’s service from all the others as they are believed to have better humane service.

Geo Blue

If you are residing in a different nation being an American citizen and also want to have insurance plans being set up by a US based company, I am sure you are at the correct place of deciding your thoughts. It also said to be an affordable plan for many people to get themselves easily registered.


This company has really gone to the next level of measuring your health through taking different kinds of test to provide you with accurate data. Saliva samples are taken in by each individual to measure the level of their health and wellness to provide customers with a better understanding of their level of health. This great company is based in Hong Kong providing services to people globally.


PolicyPal understands how important regular meet ups to the clinic and getting yourself checked regularly is. The bills for all these checkups will be conveniently sorted out by this company which is a great relief to their customers. This company possess of thousands of customers globally in a successful manner.


Based in India the InayoCompany has come up to manage all your health problems. The company also has special app created to manage with artificial intelligence and diabetes. This helps people around the globe track their health records conveniently across the globe. It also has a platform to connect people through social networks as well.


This is an emotionally based intelligence which has been established to interact with users almost closer than a caring friend of yours. It teaches many techniques which is indeed useful for you like meditation, positive thinking patterns, and mindfulness. It has specially managed to realize the condition of the customer and advise whether they should visit a doctor or not.


A manila based company which enables people to order special products for their health care from across the globe. They also possess their well-trained therapist who is there to assist you at any time at your door steps. Your massage sessions can be easily booked over the app of Zennya which is a great option for customers.


This is mainly established to help customers to book their doctors easily in any hospital. This special BookDoc is an active participant who is made to encourage people to stay really fit and also reward them for their achievement.


This company is launched in Indonesia in the late years of 2016 which is not long back. This company brings health care online information to their customers making it much easier for people to obtain consultations online, delivery, medicine and also directories of doctors.

Well. PK

Having an option to gain access to get authentic and reasonable products is also another important aspect of encouraging you to stay healthy and fit. This company is mainly based in Pakistan which has managed to sell these essential products to customers which are useful to stay healthy and fit.


A Singapore based company which is established to encourage fitness into the mindset of people is making snacks which are yummy and healthy. It offers a proportion for a monthly intake of health nutrients which are essential for an individual making it an enjoyable intake. I am sure you would have an idea of gaining an understanding of selecting your health organization to care for yourself and the future too.