Peek-I turns your smartphone camera into a spy device

A new accessory called Peek-I is making an appearance on and it promises to turn your smartphone into a discreet spy device. Peek-I is a tiny mirror gadget that attaches to your smartphone’s camera magnetically to allow you to take pictures at a 90 degree angle.

The little device is simplicity itself. A round, rotating collar attaches to the lens of your smartphone’s camera and a small mirror pops up to redirect the image 90 degrees like a periscope.

As their indiegogo page states:

If you want to take sneaky pictures of people without them knowing, this is the way to do it. The Peek-I is compatible with any mobile device that has a camera. Peek-I opens completely new prospective for all sorts of pictures, without being afraid to draw attention. Thanks to Peek-I, you can take a picture from around a corner without being noticed. You can also get great shots of weirdoes walking down the street right next to you, without them realizing what you are doing. Though appearing to shoot straight ahead – You can shoot any side: right, left, up, or down (it spins 360°).

The cute design makes it look like another accessory for your device; moreover it can be easily removed, like it was never there!

The device measures a tiny 0.79 inch (20mm) length, 0.6 inch (15mm) width and is only 0.2 inch (5.5mm) thick. It attaches to your smartphone using a Neodymium magnet but if your device has plastic surface there’s a magnetically charged metal ring that can be attached to your phone with a sticky side.

There are dozens of cute stickers you can attach to the device or you can get the more stylish silver or gold colored versions.

Now here’s something you don’t really need but would be rather cool to have and for somewhere around $20 retail you might as well buy one (they don’t make it clear on their site what the final retail price will be).

So far the company has raised $3,700 – $2,700 more than their original (and quite modest) goal of $1,000 and they still have 40 days to go on their indiegogo campaign. Of course, there is little to no research or testing required since it is, after all, just a tiny mirror.

Check out their page here.